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Weird Al Yankovic Is Having Himself a Week – Here’s ‘Tacky’ From Conan

I guess it goes without saying that a guy who makes parody songs/videos goes about promoting his new album differently, but Weird Al is kind of a sneaky genius here. Why not utilize all the tools at your disposal to promote something? He’s in the middle of an eight day streak where he releases a new music video every day on a different website. He’s also been on Fox News, and last night he appeared on Conan to do a live version of ‘Tacky’, his spoof of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’. Say what you want about the guy, but he’s a performer. Also, doing this in one take is extremely impressive. Stay weird, Al.

– Ryan

Shia Has Officially Gone Off The Deep End


Shia, what the HELL is that supposed to mean?

Comes back to us, Louis Stevens.


Old Spice is Cornering the Market in Creepy Commercials

Creep city right here. I might throw away all my Old Spice products if it means my mom won’t slither out of my couch.


Jose Canseco, Maybe The Answer is the Simplest of All.


Classic. What’s the best way to avoid drowning? Don’t get in the fucking water. Hey Jose, i’m not sure what the hell is happening at your place, but is this really a question to pose on twitter? Like you’re ever going to get back a serious answer.


‘The Hoover Boys’ are America’s Next Great Vacuum Cleaner Band

These guys may have hit the niche market everyone has been so desperately praying for, vacuum cleaner bands. There is no doubt in my mind that these guys will be the next big thing in America. Billboards, trading cards, t shirts, you name it, these guys are going to do it. Not to mention there is huge potential for jokes (These guys don’t SUCK, their vacuums do!). I can only assume that Tulips from Amsterdam is the single off of there album. It just has that “I could see this playing on the radio” type of vibe.


Scotland has a National Animal and it’s a Unicorn

While I lay in my bed last night a strange thought ran across my mind. What is the national animal of Scotland? My inner professional investigator came to life and I went to the most credible source out there, Wikipedia. I hit search and what comes up? Unicorn! Unicorn!? Unicorn? Is Scotland so desperate for attention that it is going to try and steal Florida’s title of craziest place on Earth? It definitely seems like it’s working.



Awkward Band Photos – My Picks

This morning BuzzFeed put up a list of “21 Painfully Awkward Band Photos“. Here are my favorites.


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PS- I have to meet “Carlos”. Find me Carlos!

I’m Never Traveling to Florida Again


“Looks like this guy wasn’t using his noodle. Randy Zipperer, 49, is accused of stabbing his younger brother following an argument about missing macaroni and cheese. A witness told deputies in Volusia County, Fla. that Randy and his brother, 47-year-old Edward Zipperer, started arguing over Randy’s missing macaroni and cheese, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported. His younger brother helped him look, but during the mac-hunt, Edward knocked over a beer Randy had been drinking. The spill allegedly made Randy even angrier, and deputies say he began waving around a knife that wound up inserted in his brother’s stomach. When deputies arrived, Edward had a small puncture wound in his abdomen. Investigators noted a trail of blood between the kitchen and bedroom, according to Click Orlando. Randy allegedly admitted that “I poked him a little with the knife, but I didn’t mean to.” He has been charged with aggravated battery and obstructing an officer without violence.” – HuffPost

What the hell is in the water in Florida? Yesterday we had the chip thief/rapist murderer Jacky Rogers, and today we have Randy Zipperer, the Mac N’ Cheese stabber. To be honest, I’m not surprised that someone who looks like Randy stabbed someone over missing Mac N’ Cheese. He’s got no teeth, a rapist smile and that far off look that I’m assuming murderers get right before they finish their victim. If you showed me Randy’s picture without telling me the news story, I’d probably guess he stabbed someone on my second or third try. That’s what people who look like that do. In Randy’s defense, it seemed like he was going to let the missing Mac N’ Cheese slide. He may have been starving to death, but at least he had his beer. Then Edward had to go and take that away from Randy too. If someone were to lose my Mac N’ Cheese, then spill my beer, I’d turn into a knife wiedling maniac too. The most shocking part of this story is that Randy is 49. He’s got to be the oldest looking 49 year old in the world.

– Ryan

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