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Ryan Gosling & Jay-Z Will Be The Host & Musical Guest For The Season 43 Premiere Of #SNL

SNL wrapped up it’s four episode Weekend Update Summer Edition arc last night, and as expected we found out who the host and musical guest will be for the premiere of season 43. You never know who’s going to pop up as the host of SNL, but I hope we can all agree that Ryan Gosling is the absolute best case scenario. Gosling hosted once before in December 2015 and he was a delight. That’s the episode where we got the first Close Encounters sketch (where Gosling broke character for a solid 3 minutes) and easily one of my favorite sketches of all time, Santa Baby. September 30th can’t come soon enough.



Pete Davidson Absolutley Killed It On the Season Premiere of SNL’s Weekend Update Segment

Pete Davidson is a 20 year old newcomer to SNL, and Jesus Christ he couldn’t have had a better debut. The “would you go down on a guy for a million dollars” premise is hysterical, but he really hit it out of the park. This entire segment is perfect, and if this is what we can expect from him, then I’m already all in. 20 years old! Unreal.

– Ryan


My Heart Gently Weeps: Cecily Strong is Out as Weekend Update Co-Host

NOOOCecily Strong is out as Colin Jost’s co-host on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update and Michael Che is reportedly in. According to the New York Times, the show’s shakeups haven’t ended as the 40th season approaches, as Lorne Michaels personally selected Che to replace Strong because of the 31-year old comedian’s strong relationship with Jost behind-the-scenes. The decision comes as the result of several weeks of testing different combinations of the show’s comedians and personalities, and Michaels ultimately decided that Jost and Che were best for Weekend Update moving forward.

(do it on my) twin bed cecily strong gif

I don’t agree, SNL. I DO NOT AGREE. Colin Jost never fit in towards the end of last season, and Cecily Strong carried that segment on her goddamn back. The only silver lining is that Cecily can be in more sketches, including guest characters on Weekend Update (girl you don’t want to talk to at a party, for one). The worst part about this is that Jost comes off as someone who takes forever to develop chemistry with a co-host. The report claims he and Strong’s replacement, Michael Che, are good friends backstage, but who knows how that’ll translate to live TV. They better load up with Drunk Uncle, Bruce Chandling and any Kate McKinnon character just in case this doesn’t work out. Until then, hit the music.

– Ryan

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