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ICP Giving Props to Tyler The Creator is the Least Surprising Thing Iv’e Heard, and I Love It

Tyler The Creator is pretty much everything ICP loves in new artists. Self-made, independent, and not giving a good fuck what other people, and labels, think of him. I’m obviously a huge fan of both (as you probably already know) and a collaboration would be AWESOME SAUCE.


PS- Say what you want about ICP but they call it how it is. No filter.

Tamale Tuesday – Tyler, The Creator

Last night Tyler debuted the video of his song “Tamale”. The track comes off of his newest album, Wolf. I saw him perform this high energy song live and it great to see what his visual interpretation of it is. Not to mention this video looks like it was a blast to make. Loud colors and a twisted sense of humor are two of Tyler’s trademarks and this video is a perfect translation of that. Enjoy


PS- The end goes into his song, “Answer”. With none other than Pharrell Williams on the drums.

PSS- I can’t stop watching this video.

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