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Jonah Hill Will Host the 2nd SNL Of 2014

Source – “Saturday Night Live” is kicking off 2014 with new shows beginning Jan. 18.

As previously announced by the Peacock, Drake will have double-duty during the Jan. 18 broadcast of the latenight program, serving as both host and musical guest. While Drake has performed on “SNL” before, this will be his first time hosting the live show.

On Jan. 25, Jonah Hill will return to “SNL” for the third time as host while his latest pic, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” heads deep into Oscar season. Hill will be joined by musical guest Bastille.

“Saturday Night Live” is produced in association with Broadway Video. The creator and executive producer is Lorne Michaels.


Woof. We learned during the final SNL of 2013 that Drake would be the host and musical guest on SNL’s inaugural episode of 2014. Now we know the host for the second episode, and it’s a doozy. Hill has really transformed himself since stepping into the spotlight with Superbad. He was fantastic in Moneyball (nominated for an Oscar), a scene stealer in Django Unchained, hilarious in This is the End and from pretty much everyone’s account was amazing in Wolf of Wall Street. This will be his third time hosting SNL, so let’s see what the man’s made of. I’m rooting for him to kick some sketch comedy ass.

– Ryan


Taylor Swift is Ruining Rhode Island According to Rhode Islanders

Source – Taylor Swift has walked into trouble in the exclusive beachside community where she bought an $18million vacation home this summer – building an enormous sea wall that has left local residents furious.

After the 24-year-old singer purchased the largest and most lavish property in Watch Hill, Rhode Island – a neighborhood filled with large and lavish properties – she began rebuilding a seawall on the beach in front of the mansion.

The construction project, which began with no public notice, has made some neighbors and longtime residents of the area furious because it restricts access to a public beach and interferes with fishermen and surfers who have been using the stretch of sand for generations.

‘I don’t know how the hell they let her do this without approval or nothing,’ a furious Richard Bishop, 76, told MailOnline as he climbed atop the wall to survey the development.


Way to go, T-Swift. You think just because you spent $18 million that you can do whatever you want to our voluptuous coastline? Don’t you know people surf there and the elderly need their sun bathing space? The nerve on this girl. I’ve been saying it for awhile now but Taylor Swift is getting too big for her britches. You can serial date all you want, but once you start messing with Rhode Islanders, I have to draw the line. We may not be as crazy as Florida, but Rhode Island has a lot of psychopaths. If you took away our coastline, we’d literally be the saddest state in the country, possibly the world. So we will defend that coastline to the death. If Taylor Swift thinks she’s going to build a seawall on our watch she has another thing coming. This means war. Hit the music!

Justin Bieber Made His Bodyguards Carry Him Up The Great Wall of China

Via Buzzfeed.


What an asshole. I mean yeah making other humans carry you up a giant wall is pretty ideal but Ryan Eugene Fogarty does not give Justin Bieber credit for anything. Just like my daddy and his daddy before him. We’re a proud folk, and we hate Justin Bieber. He honestly might be the biggest douchebag in the world. I’ve never had so much hatred for a person I’ve never met before, and I’ve never felt so right for doing it.

– Ryan

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