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This Guy Was At the Same Wedding as Walder Frey & There’s a Solid Chance He’s Dead Now

GOTSince “The Red Wedding” episode of Game of Thrones aired in June 2013, actor David Bradley has either been invited to ALL the weddings, or no weddings. On one hand, who wouldn’t want to take a picture with Walder Frey, like a Redditor recently did? On the other, well, at least your entire family is there. Makes the funeral much easier to plan.


There’s a few things I know to be true: George Clooney is a beautiful prince, Bill Paxton discovered the Titanic and if you go to a wedding that Walder Frey is at you’re going to die. I don’t care if it was my own wedding, if I saw that guy I’m running for the hills. If they find this guy with a knife in his back in some dumpster, you know who to question first.

– Ryan

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