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Casey Wagner Had Himself a Weekend

(Source) “An off-road racing enthusiast has survived being struck by lightning twice during the same storm in North Texas.

Casey Wagner said Sunday that doctors told him a tingling feeling would last for about a week.

KTVT-TV reports Wagner was at an off-road competition in Saint Jo, 85 miles northwest of Dallas, when storms arrived.

The 31-year-old Wagner was under a tree when he was hit by lightning. He dropped to his knees then he was struck again. Wagner says he saw sparks during the strikes.

A nurse who happened to be nearby cared for Wagner until he was taken to a hospital, where he was treated and released.

Wagner says he believes God kept him alive — and he plans to start going to church more.”


I wrestled in bar and went 6-6 in softball and I thought I had a great weekend. Then I read about Casey Wagner and my accomplishments don’t seem so great. Getting struck multiple times by lightning and stealing the spotlight. I’ll give credit where credit is due: Casey Wagner had one hell of a weekend.

– Ryan

P.S. I’m not saying God didn’t help this guy out, but next time you’re outside during a lightning storm, don’t stand under a free

If Rooting For Jeff Wagner To Become Mayor of Minneapolis Is Wrong Then I Don’t Wanna Be Right

Politicians these days are good for two things: sending dick pics and making false promises. Not Jeff Wagner. He just wants you to wake the fuck up. He is putting everyone who runs for public office on notice: if you’re not half naked and screaming obscenities in your mayoral commericials then you need to wake the fuck up and get with the times. If he doesn’t win in a landslide I’ve lost hope for this country.

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