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Apple Music Combined The Weeknd & John Travolta For A Bizarrely Funny Ad

After a great live rendition of his ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ hit, The Weeknd was involved in an Apple Music ad that was so bizarre it bordered on hilarious insanity. It starts off well enough, with The Weeknd leaving a stage and heading into his private limousine. Then you notice that something is on fire right next to his limousine, and THEN it’s revealed that John Travolta is pulling off his best Lloyd Christmas impersonation as the driver of the limousine. It ends with ‘to be continued’ on the bottom of the screen, so thank the good Lord there’s going to be more to this. I can honestly say I have no idea where this is going, but I’ll be watching part 2 even if it comes out in 50 years.


VMA Edition of Insane Instagram Comments: Nicki Minaj

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The VMAs were last night, and Nicki Minaj played a pretty prominent role, performing her new song ‘Anaconda’ in the opening slot of the show. Naturally she posted some pictures to Instagram after the show like celebrities do, and lucky for us, the crazies in the comment section were out in full force.




So much to love here. Squaretree123 coming in hot with the 306,000th like of the picture. Not sure if I want to know how they figured out they were the 306.000th like. Seems like a lot of effort was put into that comment. Then you have jimlegitcash taking this opportunity to help people out who are in debt/need school clothes. What better demographic to target for that than the “Nicki Minaj Instagram comment section”. Clarkey88 then takes the conversation down a dangerous path. Throwing the “slut” on the end just for extra emphasis. And finally ewen_Cameron finishing us off with the always fun “sid booooob” comment. I’m assuming he meant side boob, but when it comes to Instagram comments, you just never know. Bill Paxton bless the internet.

– Ryan

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