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Have You Ever Wanted To See Mr. Bean Dance With Drake to Hotline Bling? Me Too

I don’t care if I have to do it by myself, but I refuse to let Hotline Bling GIFs go. I’ll quit my job and create thousands of them if I have to. I’ll include myself in them, doing the chicken peck. Whatever it takes to keep this magical thing going. I don’t know if Drake did this accidently or if he knew this video would take off the way it did, but either way he’s a beautiful sorcerer. Plus, Mr. Bean just makes everything better.

Nick Santonastasso is My New Favorite Person

One arm, no legs, no problem. This is the epitome of making the best out of the hand you were dealt. Nick, I salute you. I can’t say if I was dealt this hand I’d have the same positive/hysterical outlook on life. Just scaring the shit out of people, destroying their psyche forever. You can’t even blame these people for freaking out either. This is a legitimate nightmare of mine. If he ever comes to Rhode Island I’m locking myself in my house forever.

– Ryan

Matt’s Follow Friday

It’s that time of the week again! Here are my picks.

Howard Stern (The King of All Media)

Isa Adney (Public speaker and author of the blogs “Community College Success & How to get a job without a resume)

Will Sasso (Vine and Twitter funny man, orignally of MADtv)

Michael Scott Hates Toby

Just a video playlist showing the true hate Michael Scott has for Toby Flenderson.  ENJOY!


PS- Michael Scott FTW

King Joffrey Is Playing Games With My Heart

Goddamnit King Joffrey. I hated you so much. You were the personification of evil, and you killed off one of my favorite characters on television. Now I can’t hate you anymore. I just don’t have it in me to hate someone who loves dogs. You have found my soft spot and put it on a stake for all of the seven kingdoms to see.

– Ryan

P.S. Give me 2 minutes of him in season 4 and I’ll hate him again with the fire of a thousand subs.

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