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The WrestleMania 30 Set is OK I Guess

What a glorious set, and it looks HUGE. The cool thing about WrestleMania being at a Superdome is the amount of seats WWE can fit in there. When you have an event like the Superbowl, the field takes up a much bigger space. WWE really only needs the entrance ramp and the ring, allowing for a lot more seats around the ring, which I have to assume is going to make New Orleans rock tomorrow night. Make sure to check back on the blog later on as we’ll be posting our predictions for the big event! And tomorrow night head on over to Twitter (@averagenobodies) as we’ll be live tweeting WrestleMania 30!

– Ryan


Badass of the Week: Vincent Kennedy McMahon


It’s not really fair to pick Vince McMahon for “Badass of the WEEK”, because in reality Vince is Badass of the century, maybe millennium. Laying in my bed last night I tried to come up with how I was going to tackle the feat of fitting all of Vince’s Badassery into one blog post. In all honesty it’s impossible, so I found some pictures to help tell the story.

tumblr_m7jcokn6p11rxzb6jo1_128011_vince_mcmahon_milestone_01 Vince-McMahon vince-mcmahon-1

Father, grandfather, devoted husband, billionaire, philanthropist, professional wrestler, CEO, sports entertainment visionary, marketing genius, and television pioneer are only a fraction of the things that describe Vinnie Mac. On the eve of Vince’s baby, Wrestlemania, lets all sit back and remember who made professional wrestling what it is today. Who took small territories and raised them up to the world stage? Who created the longest running episodic television show in history? Who created a billion dollar industry while at the same time giving back every step of the way? Vince did all that PLUS more.

No matter what happens week to week in WWE my friends and I always remind ourselves one thing: “In Vince we trust”.

Vince McMahon is a badass.


Vince McMahon, Dinosaur Skull Connoisseur

There’s a famous scene in the HBO show The Wire where one of the older characters is teaching the youngn’s how to play chess.

The pawns, bishop, rooks, knights and even the queen have one goal: checkmate the king. Nine times out of ten most of these pieces get taken, but the King, he stay the King. That’s exactly what happened when Vince McMahon heard about Bill Murrays PBR pants.


This photo just so happened to get on Twitter the day Bill Murray took over the internet. Vince McMahon was recently interviewed by Forbes Magazine since he’s a billionaire once again, and he’s main quote was that he has a voracious appetite for life. Naturally he has a dinosaur skull in his office which just so happens to line up perfectly with his own skull when photographed from that angle. The King stay The King.

– Ryan


Vince McMahon Walk

Monday Night Raw – Punk’s Return Set for his Hometown of Chicago?

Who knows what Vince has up his sleeve for Monday Night Raw. All I know is Ryan and I went through every possible scenario for his return on the train ride home from New York yesterday. We aren’t holding our breath though. If it was meant to happen, it was meant to happen. In Vince we trust. (Hint: it was meant to happen)


PS- Am I going to have to start saying “in Vince & HHH we trust”? Because after all the work HHH has done with the training center and NXT he deserves a lot of credit. Just a thought, jump down my throat in the comment section!

CM Punk Took a Nose Dive On My Favorite Wrestlers List

CM_punkFor those of you not up on recent WWE happenings, CM Punk, the self proclaimed “best in the world”, has up and quit the WWE. Just straight walked out on operations the day after the Royal Rumble. Took his ball and went home, ala Stone Cold. No reason for it and, publicly, nobody has heard from him since. Past issues with Punk leads me to believe that he wasn’t happy with how the company was using him, and you know what, Punk? If that is the reason then you need to seriously reevaluate your situation. Between 2012 and 2013 nobody, and I mean nobody, was bigger in the WWE than CM Punk and his loud mouth manager, Paul Heyman. CM Punk owned the squared 3a6efa937abc88547391fe3ec2dd5879circle. Girls wanted him and guys wanted to be him. Somehow he thought that changed in the past few months. Got news for ya, it didn’t. Go ahead and replay any WWE event since Punk’s departure. “CM Punk” chants can be heard throughout the night, and to be honest it is ruining some of the best programming WWE has put on in years. Fans need to realize this is the fault of the WWE. WWE didn’t show Punk the door, neither did they want to, Punk walked out all on his own. Say what you will about Batista’s win at the Rumble, but HHH and Vince, like always, have a pulse on whats going on with the WWE Universe.

From what is rumored, Vince has been meeting with Punk. Which is gracious on his part. I would have told Punk to go fuck himself. Punk fell way off my list after this stunt.


PS- What are you going to do? Go wrestle for TNA? Only a matter of time before you shoot a funeral home promo. That’s when you know you’ve hit pro-wrestling rock bottom.

maxresdefault-1 maxresdefault

WWE Showing Off Their New Jet

WWE is taking the new jet out for a spin and I just spilled orange juice all over myself. Sounds about right.


Vince McMahon’s Training Montage is Exactly What You Need To Start Your Week Off Right

Vince McMahon is clinically insane..and I love every minute of it. “I hate Austin! I hate Austin!”

– Ryan

John Cena Cannot Be Denied. Not Even By You


Last night was WWE’s Survivor Series PPV. The event, unofficially billed as one of WWE’s “Big 4 Four” (Summer Slam, Wrestlemania, The Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series), was quite the show, even though Orton vs Big Show left me wanting more out of the topped billed fight (But that’s for another blog titled “Don’t put Big Show in Main Events”)… I digress. The story and best part of last nights PPV was Cena vs. Del Rio for the Heavy Weight Title. Yes, the Wyatts vs. Bryan and Punk was awesome, but right now I would like to talk Cena with y’all.


First off, nobody, and I mean NOBODY gets a crowd reaction like John Cena. Good or bad, there is no other visceral reaction like that in professional wrestling. Put Cena in a match, the crowd will go nuts for the guy. “Cena Sucks!” “Lets Go Cena!” echo throughout stadiums all over the world. The beginning of his theme music can be like a well placed hand grenade. Send him out and watch the place explode.


I could really talk about the “Cena-effect” (Copyright Matt Vieira) for hours so i’ll move on. The other thing that sets Cena apart from other wrestlers on the WWE roster is his caliber of matches. Say what you want about the guy, but he knows his way around the squared circle and how to put guys over. Case in point, Money in the Bank circa 2011 Jonh Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title.


One of my favorite matches of the last 10 years, and the moment Punk became the man he is today. Why? Because of the man across from him, John Cena. A great series of Promos and the eventual fight will go down in history as some of the best programming the wrestling world has ever seen.

Gone, the days of the “five moves of doom”. Cena’s repertoire of moves has grown exponentially in the last year, and last night it showed. Cena is the peoples champ, the most popular guy in the industry, and, despite Orton’s title, the face of the WWE. John Cena is what’s good for business.


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