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100 Vin Diesel Strikes Again

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The Fast & Furious Franchise Will Now Feature 10 Movies & End in 2021 According To Vin Diesel & His Haunting Singing Voice

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This is not a surprising move, as the last three Fast and Furious movies have each grossed over $200 million, with Fast 7 making the most money out of any of the movies. But 10 movies is still a shit load of movies. Fast & Furious is turning into the ‘Trapped in the Closet’ of the movie world. It is kind of cool that it will end 20 years after the first movie premiered in 2001, and there is apparently nothing Hollywood loves more than a sequel. As long as The Rock is involved in all three, I’m in.


Is Somebody Cutting Raw Onions? Vin Diesel Covered ‘See You Again’ At The MTV Movie Awards

I’m not invested in the Fast and Furious franchise, but there’s something about Vin Diesel singing a ballad to his dead friend that gets to me. I’ve only seen the first Fast and Furious, but I liked Paul Walker. He just seemed like a likeable guy, and he obviously touched a lot of lives since it’s been over a year since his death and this kind of tributes are still coming out. Vin Diesel is one of those guys who shouldn’t have any kind of a good voice, but he pulls it off.

– Ryan

Watch The “See You Again” Video And Sob Yourself Into A Coma

Just when I thought I was done quietly sobbing to myself after seeing ‘Furious 7’, Wiz comes over with this haymaker of a music video and knocks me on my ass like a ton of pickles. Charlie Puth, i’m not sure who you are, but I’m putting this sadness you too! This song brings on an inferno of sadness that only a 7 movie saga with three best friends (Me, Vin, and Paul) could fuel. No matter how many more movies this franchise will make (I hope it’s 100) this will always be the definitive movie in the collection. It had “the family” all together for the last time and showed how much all the actors cared about each other in the real world, and not just on a movie set. Vin Diesel calls Paul “his brother” and I can truly believe that. That’s what makes with video truly heartbreaking. Get a fresh box a kleenex, folks.


Vin Diesel Covered Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ During a Recent Interview & It’s…Something

First Rihanna, now Sam Smith. Vin Diesel is a regular cover song prodigy. This isn’t great, but when you sign up for listening to Vin Diesel sing anything you kind of have to expect the worst. I’m just surprised he goes after songs that involve the singer to have a wide vocal range. But I guess someone who decided to star in ‘The Pacifier’ is the definition of unpredictable. Enjoy?

– Ryan

Vin Diesel Sings “Stay” (Originally by Rihanna)

Look at that intensity! It’s official (I’ve known for a while, however) Vin Diesel is a triple threat! He can act, sing, and drive fast cars (who needs to dance when you can drive cars off cliffs)


PS – Most impressed with the high notes. F-Sharp City

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