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Weekly Roundup of Youtube Videos

Hello, friends. I’m thinking of starting a new series on here where I share some of my favorite YouTube videos from the past week. I subscribe to a multitude of different channels on the YouTube, so it should be pretty varied and unique. Think of this as my art gallery where I curate the finest paintings, but instead of paintings, they are YouTube videos. I don’t think I really needed that analogy, but I made it anyway. Enjoy week first weekly roundup!

[DAY 28 FINALE] I Waited an ENTIRE MONTH to be FIRST to Get a Nintendo Switch!

Last we saw and heard from CND it was day 2 of his month-long wait for the Switch. Here is the culmination of all his waiting.

WATCH WHAT I DO | DailyVee 180

Where are my GaryVee fans at? Just an all-around inspirational guy that has a knack for growing businesses. Read the rest of this entry

Who is Going to SXSW!?


Today marks the start of SXSW 2014 in Austin Texas. There is only one problem with that…WE ARE STILL IN RHODE ISLAND. Never fear, The Average Nobodies are diligently finishing up their last days at work and are flying down tomorrow to begin our SXSW extravaganza! But what does that mean for you? It means that you are coming with us! Well, kind of, and let us explain. We will be covering every inch of our experience while down in Austin. Look for our tweets (@AverageNoboides), look for our videos (we will be releasing a special “Twitter News Weekly” filmed at SXSW), look for our pictures, and, if you happen to be at SXSW, LOOK FOR US! We would love to meet up with you guys!

See you on the other side!

-Ryan & Matt

PS- if you happen to be at SXSW keep a lookout for our flyers!

SXSW Flyer

Rob Ford Dancing… Do I Need to Say More?

Here are two videos of Rob Ford, and the rest of the Toronto City Council, dancing. I am too good too my readers!

Rob Ford has moves for days! How THE HELL has this guy not been asked to be on Dancing With The Stars? That is an absolute outrage! I’m sure the day will eventually come, but that isn’t soon enough. “The first crack smoking winner of DWTS”. It does have a nice ring to it, hand you know he is probably going to fall down at least 1,000 times, which makes it infinitively better.

Crank Rob Ford up to 11 and set him free.


PS- HUGE thanks to Luna Elektra for hunting these videos down! YOU ROCK!

Subscribe Friday – My Favorite YouTubers

Take a look and give these YouTubers a subscribe if you like their content. They are all worth a look if you like tech/gadget/unboxing/gaming videos.

Chris Pirillo

Marques Brownlee

Austin Evans

Unbox Therapy



The Moto X is Not Your Tech Geeks Phone


At first I could not understand the buzz surrounding the new Moto X phone by Motorola and Google (This being their first phone since Google bought Motorola).  With the screen size being only 4.7″ (same as my Nexus 4) embedded with a 720p display, the Moto X does not surprise with its display qualities.  Pair that along with mid-range internals and some snappy color options you are left with a phone that isn’t really the leader of any category.


After watching some review videos and studying their [Google’s] marketing plan I have figured out that this phone doesn’t appeal to me, or my other tech geek friends, simply because it isn’t made to appeal to us. This phone is meant to appeal to the masses, and in that respect I think Google and Motorola have hit the nail on the head.


PS- I have included some Moto X review videos that I have gotten a lot from. (One from MKBHD and the other from Chris Pirillo)

Michael Scott Hates Toby

Just a video playlist showing the true hate Michael Scott has for Toby Flenderson.  ENJOY!


PS- Michael Scott FTW

The Rock is Owning The Video Feature on Instagram


Last week Instagram announced that the app would now include a new video feature, where users could post 12 second video’s in lieu of a still photo. Its barely been two days since Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been posting video’s, but its already clear that he’s taking over. His early morning workouts are frightening. The guy has superhuman strength and watching his chest exercises make me feel like less of a man. Id love to say he’s giving me motivation, but I know deep in my tiny black heart that no amount of his feats of strength video’s will be enough to get me in a gym. For now, I’ll be like the millions…and millions of Rock fans who continue to be entertained by the “Great One”. His official instagram is TheRock.

– Ryan

I’ll Tell Ya What I’m Talking About!

Introducing The Average Nobodies

It’s your favorite online sensations combining their uber-talented minds for one HELL of a blog.  The Average Nobodies Blog will cover anything and EVERYTHING.  We will leave no stone unturned, no planet undiscovered, no hole undug….. well, you get the point.


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