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The Victoria’s Secret Model Lip Dub “Shake It Off”…..annnddd You’re Welcome

Taylor Swift meets the Angels…you’re welcome. Look for the yearly fashion show TONIGHT!


Ariana Grande Got The Shit Scared Out Of Her By A Blonde Haired Angel At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


I thought this was fake at first but now I’m starting to think it really happened. In all honestly what was Ariana Grande expecting to happen here? I can understand if a man with a knife snuck up behind her or a bird flew into her. Then she probably has the right to make that face. But she was at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Did she not expect the models to be walking by her? She’s on the runway, the runway models use to walk up and down and strut their stuff. She looks legitimately terrified to see another human being standing next to her. Maybe she’s afraid of winged humans? Or people that are taller than her? If the latter is true, she should probably never go out in public again, because 95% of people are taller than Ariana Grande.

On a side note:


So hot. Want to touch the hiney.

– Ryan

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