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How Bad Do Things Have To Be To Get A Tom Brady Head Tattoo?

Head TattooSt. Petersburg Police Apparent New England Patriots fanatic Victor Thompson, 46, was arrested for possession of ‘spice,’ a synthetic marijuana, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

A die-hard New England Patriots fan got busted on a drug charge, but that’s not what got people talking.

Victor Thompson’s mug shots show he has an image of the helmet of quarterback Tom Brady tattooed across his head.

The football fanatic, 46, was allegedly caught with an herbal mixture of synthetic marijuana, known as “spice,” last month while trespassing on a community center’s property in St. Petersburg, Fla., according to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun


Haven’t heard from Florida in far too long, so it’s nice to see that they’re coming back into the spotlight with a bang. This is a head tattoo to end all head tattoos. Only a crazy, insane person would go through all this trouble to get a Patriots tattoo. On the other end, only crazy, insane people live in Florida, so it does make a lot of sense. When this guy gets released from jail, maybe someone should put a protective detail on Tom Brady. On second thought, maybe we should arrange for this guy to meet Brady. I’m sure nothing terrible will happen.

– Ryan


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