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Trailer Alert – ‘Vacation’ – The Sequel to the Sequels

The cast is pretty stacked, but this movie kind of falls into the same category as every movie that is trying to replicate a special feeling once upon a time. The ‘Vacation’ movies were amazing, and each one was different yet universally loved because the cast and the writing was so good. Chevy Chase was in his prime, and believe it not, at one point, that’s all a movie or show needed. Ed Helms is taking the place of Chevy, so to speak, as Rusty and his family take the fateful journey to Wally World. As much as this movie not being great scares me, the scene with the hot girl getting hit by a truck will always be funny. I don’t know how big a role Chevy Chase has in the movie, but I’m just glad he looks better than he did at SNL 40.

– Ryan

The Average Nobodies Are Going on Vacation

When you work as hard we do, sometimes you need to take a week off and reflect upon things. We will be reflecting on things from our beach house while drinking the finest Busch Light and Andre Champagne Rhode Island has to offer. While we may throw some videos up on here next week, we’ll be MIA for the most part. Thanks as always for your support, and if you’re wondering what our week is going to look like:


Just kidding. More like this:

Barf (Family Guy)

– The Average Nobodies

Jim Harbaugh Casually Doing Pushups With a Walrus

This is why I respect the hell out of Jim Harbaugh. Is he insane? Yes. But show me another man on this earth that can get that type of effort out of a walrus. I’m no scientist but Walrus’s seem like naturally lazy animals. I can’t imagine they spend their free time jumping out of the water and doing pushups. But when Jim Harbaugh is around he’s about one thing and one thing only: maximizing potential. That walrus probably saw Harbaugh coming and knew from the look in his eyes that it was pushup time. Most of us spend our vacations relaxing and drinking mojitos. Jim Harbaugh spends his vacations doing pushups with sea creatures. Game. Set. Psycho.

– Ryan

There is No Such Thing as a Free Vacation to Canada

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” goes the old saying. Apparently that goes double for “free” vacations.

Just ask an unnamed couple from Australia, who believed they’d won an all-expenses-paid trip to Canada — complete with free luggage — but unwittingly became drug mules instead. When they returned from a seven-day vacation in the Great White North on Oct. 13, the couple, a 72-year-old man and 64-year-old woman, approached customs officials in Perth, Australia, over concerns they had with their new bags.

Australian Federal Police examined the luggage and found 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) of methamphetamine stashed in the lining of each bag, worth an estimated total of $7 million dollars. Perth Now reports the couple had apparently been scammed by “AusCan Tours,” a fake Canadian travel agency that lured them into entering an online competition. They were contacted by the agency afterward with the good news that the pair had won a free vacation. – HuffPost

Well, you know what they say…don’t accept a free vacation to Canada unless you’re willing to peddle 7.7 pounds of meth across international boarders. “Too good to be true” is not the adage I would have used for this situation. A free trip to Canada, you say? As soon as I read this I knew these people must have been either elderly or from somewhere other than North America. Oh, look at that, this couple is both! Because there is no way someone gets that jazzed up about visiting Canada, unless they are from another country….or are senior citizens.


cruise to canada

PS- I’ve been to Canada once. It was on a cruise, and my buddies and I got off the boat to go to a strip club. We found out it was closed (at 11:00am) and got back on the boat and never returned.

My Insane Roadtrip To New Jersey

What’s better than a 5 hour trip to Atlantic City filled with conversations of porn and murder? A lot of things, but between the bizarre conversations and casual Journey sing alongs, I did learn a few things:

1. Highway service centers are the work.of the Devil. All walks of life congregating in one condensed rest stop is truly a recipe of disaster. By the the way, if you ever have an extra $42,000 and want your parents murdered, go to a bathroom stall at the New Haven rest stop.

2. You know those sayings “beer before liquor never been sicker”, “liquor before beer your in the clear”? When you drink as much as I did this weekend, it doesn’t matter what comes first.

3. When in doubt, start your day with a screwdriver. Orange juice for the vitamin C. Vodka for the day drunk.

4. It should be mandatory that every state has a bar that serves 40 oz’s.


6. A pool bar is like a hot girl you date that is clearly out of your league. It starts of great, then you drink too much, and before you know it you spent all your money on her and she’s gone.

7. I have the best friends in the world. Solid vacation indeed.





– Ryan

My Favorite Penguin Says It’s Weekend Time

I’m off to Atlantic City, a.k.a. the city of dreams. Have a great weekend everybody.




Just realized this the other day and confirmed today. The coach from ‘Grease’ and the old man who wins Keno in ‘Vegas Vacation’ ARE THE SAME GUY!

Grease 8043_4





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