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012 Don’t Get Hangry in Russia

This week on the Average Nobodies Show: Raw recap, strange facts, weird places to live, and we break the doctor.

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Average Nobodies Podcast – Ep 11

Is It A Word?

Hello everyone and welcome to the fun new gameshow, Is it a Word?!.

Over the weekend a coworker of mine was watching the Pawsox at McCoy Stadium on Star Wars Night (Why wasn’t I informed about Star Wars Night!).  She came a across the below sign.
ROWDYISM? That can’t possibly be a word? I am far from mastering the English language, but that cannot exist. So I did a quick Webster’s Dictionary search and here’s what I found:

rowdyism copy
It is a word?! and it was first used in 1842? First of all, BULLSHIT, and B how in the blue hell do they know when it was first used? For all we know the Pharaohs participated in rowdyism while they were building the pyramids. (But that can’t be true, because aliens built the pyramids)  I wasn’t satisfied with Webster, so I went to a higher power, Urban Dictionary.  Here is what I found:

urban copy
Ok ok, maybe it is a word, and maybe you can be fined exactly $557 for committing rowdyism, but i’m not buying it!


P.S. Urban Dictionary’s word of the day…. Justice Boner: “The feeling of excitement when exacting petty revenge, or simply witnessing someone get what they deserve.”
– “Hey, did you hear about the Westboro Baptist Church picketing a soldier’s funeral this weekend?” 
– “No, what happened?” 
– “The police formed a barrier around the cemetery and arrested the ones that tried to get in. Gave me a raging justice boner.”

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