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027 Pepsi, United Airlines and WWE

Pepsi and United are NOT having the best month. WWE, on the other hand, is killing it. Call 401-285-8120 to leave us a voicemail with a comment, question or observation and we will play it on the next episode. Twitter –

United Airlines Continues Their Gold Star Customer Service By Forcibly Removing A Paying Customer From An Oversold Flight

As someone who has worked in the travel industry for the past 5 years, I can confidently say that airlines are the absolute worst. They makes billions of dollars a year in profits and know that they’re the quickest method of transportation to get you from point A to point B, so they treat everyone like shit. Outside of Italy (where they plainly just do not give a fuck) US airlines are the worst. Don’t believe me? Check out the video above, where a paying customer is forcibly removed off a flight that the AIRLINES OVERSOLD. According to people on the plane, United announced the plane was overbooked and asked for volunteers to leave the plane. Since pretty much everyone in the history of flying go on planes because they need to be somewhere rather quickly, this guy didn’t volunteer. United’s response was to have the police drag him off the plane like an animal. While the story is bad enough, United decided to amp up it’s shittiness and be as awful as possible with this official statement:

“Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked. After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate.
We apologize for the overbook situation.” – WHAS11

The worst part about this is that very little (if anything) will happen to United because again, flying is really the only way to get anywhere. While I’m sure more will come out of this story, I’m reserving my right to firmly state that United handled this situation as poorly as possible.



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