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025 Scotland and SXSW

Ryan visits Scotland and Matt attends SXSW…This is what happened.

The Undertaker is Winning My March Madness Pool

We talk WrestleMania, March Madness and wood sanding techniques!

– The Average Nobodies

This Pictures Worth 1 Million Words

If a normal picture is worth 1 thousand words, then this is worth 1 millions word.  In case you are a bit slow this weekend the guy in the middle of Fred and George Weasley is Jason David Frank (JDF).  Still not realizing the magnitude of this picture? Jason David Frank happens to be Tommy from the Power Rangers TV show and Movies (White/Green Ranger).

JDF is very active on Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram! Go and give him a follow, he meets some interesting people in his travels. For example the picture below of JDF and The Shield!




Scotland has a National Animal and it’s a Unicorn

While I lay in my bed last night a strange thought ran across my mind. What is the national animal of Scotland? My inner professional investigator came to life and I went to the most credible source out there, Wikipedia. I hit search and what comes up? Unicorn! Unicorn!? Unicorn? Is Scotland so desperate for attention that it is going to try and steal Florida’s title of craziest place on Earth? It definitely seems like it’s working.



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