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Dana White Says Ronda Rousey Will NOT Wrestle In The WWE

Dana White just shattered my heart into a million little pieces with a frozen sledgehammer. While Dana White seems pretty sure that Rousey will never fight in the WWE, I learned a long time ago to never doubt Vincent Kennedy McMahon. If he wants someone to appear at WrestleMania, you better believe that person will be there. While Rousey fighting an actual match while under contract with UFC was always a long shot, I still think she’ll play some kind of role at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. The Rock wants it to happen. WWE wants it to happen. Even Ronda herself wants it to happen, so if the deal is ‘you can’t fight’, then I’m sure the WWE can figure out a way to use her in an effective way. After all, Vince always win.


– Ryan



Brock Lesnar Has Officially Re-Signed With The WWE Ahead of WrestleMania 31

Safe to say this is the biggest news to come out of the WWE in quite some time, and was only magnified by the fact that it aired live on Sportscenter. If you missed it, Brock Lesnar was interviewed by longtime WWE fan and ESPN personality Michelle Beadle and he explained that his MMA career is over, but Sunday will not be the last time he fights inside a WWE ring. After I came down from cloud nine, I immediately when to Twitter and the wrestling community was going bonkers. Sites were shutting down due to overload of web traffic, people who haven’t tweeted in forever were losing their minds; Brock Lesnar, BRRROCKKK LESNAR, is staying with the WWE. Besides all the fantasy matchups that this signing could bring, the biggest short term affect will be on the main event of this Sunday’s WrestleMania. With Brock looking like he was headed out the door, it was all but certain that Roman Reigns would capture the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, but now that Brock is back, that outcome is anything but certain. Brock himself said on Sportscenter that he will still have the belt after Sunday, and I can’t imagine anyone in that stadium cheering for Roman Reigns now. The only way I see the WWE putting the belt on Reigns is if they do a double switch, with Heyman turning on a now baby face Brock to align himself with the heel Reigns. If they do that, Reigns, who has all the qualities of a cocky heel, will turn bad guy and Brock, who is universally loved after this announcement, will be THE ultimate badass good guy. I cannot wait for Sunday!

– Ryan

Anderson Silva’s Spirit Animal is a Crow

Do you enjoy athletes failing drug tests? Have you ever wanted to know what kind of animals random strangers see themselves as? We have none of that and more on this weeks Twitter News Weekly!

– The Average Nobodies

004 Super Bowl and Royal Rumble Fallout

WWE’s Offical Response to CM Punk Joining The UFC Was Classic, Stubborn Vince McMahon

If somehow you haven’t heard, former WWE Superstar CM Punk joined the UFC over the weekend. Here is the tweet UFC sent out regarding Punk:

Everyone from Jim Ross to Rey Mysterio to current UFC fighters weighed in on the news, and as is the case with pretty much every major news story, the opinions varied. Some were happy, some were confused, some want to fight CM Punk right now. No response was more passive aggressive or noteworthy than the WWE’s:


It was clear from both CM Punk and Vince’s podcast interviews that the two are at odds, so this should not be surprising at all. They tweaked their usual “best of luck in your future endeavors” motto that they put whenever a talent is released, and it’s classic Vince: just enough to acknowledge, but brief enough so people know you don’t give a shit. I’m sure CM Punk could care less what WWE thinks nowadays, but this was one last knock that was too sweet for Vince to pass up on.

– Ryan


I Don’t Think Dwight Howard Has Ever Watched UFC


Dwight Howard, an NBA locker room headache for 10 years now, says he’d be willing to one day fight in the UFC – for a $10 million price tag.

“If I get knocked out, I get knocked out,” said Howard, who signed a four-year, $88 million deal with the Rockets in July. “I’ll get back up one day.” –

Knocked out? You want to fight MMA, and the worst case scenario you can think of is getting knocked out? You’re dumber than you act/look.

Dwight, take a look at this

Can’t knock the hustle though. I would do a TON of dumb shit for 10 million. But Dwight, you just signed an 88 million dollar contract, I didn’t. Lay low, bro.


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