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Johnny Manziel Makes New Years Resolutions…We Don’t Believe Him

Happy New Year, everyone! We here at The Average Nobodies are very excited for the new year and we hope you are too! Enjoy our last TNW of the year before you head out to do a little (or a lot of) boozin’ to ring in 2015!

Your fearless bloggers, Ryan & Matt

Happy Thanksgiving From our Family to Yours

With Thanksgiving tomorrow we thought it would be best to focus our ‘Twitter News Weekly’ efforts on this gravy covered holiday. So on this Thanksgiving of 2014: laugh and share stories with family and friends, dance like everyones watching and you just don’t give a shit, cheer on your favorite football teams, kiss your lover(s), and eat until your pants break under the pressure of one too many pieces of pumpkin pie. In other words, HAVE A DAY!

-Matt & Ryan

Honey Boo Boo Has Ebola

Ok, maybe she doesn’t have ebola….


Johnny Manzeil Don’t Want None Unless You Got Buns, Hun

New episodes every Tuesday. Did we use your tweets?





E3, Great White Sharks, and Derek Fisher. Oh my!

Twitter News Weekly – Chelsea Clinton, NBA & NHL Playoffs, Miley Cyrus

-The Average Nobodies

Do You Subscribe to Our YouTube Page? No?! Why the Hell Not?

New content uploaded regularly!

-The Average Nobodies

Twitter News Weekly – Red Sox, Wrestlemania, Things to Google

-The Average Nobodies

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