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The Patriots Undrafted Free Agent Signings Included Twins Jake & Cody Hollister

This is pretty cool, the New England Patriots are in the process of signing undrafted free agents and just stumbled upon two great athletes that love nothing but competition. Cody is a 6’3″ WR out of Arkansas and his twin brother Jacob is a 6’4″ TE out of Wyoming. I like the sounds of that, wowzahs!

The twins trained for the draft in Fayetteville, which helped Jacob produce some eye-catching results at Wyoming’s Pro Day, where at 244 pounds, he clocked a 4.64 40, vertical jumped 36.5 inches and broad-jumped 10-1. Cody, coming off toe surgery before the Hogs bowl game, didn’t have his Pro Day until earlier this week. He weighed in at 208 pounds and, not shockingly, he produced almost identical workout numbers: running a 4.53 40; vertical-jumping 36 inches and broad-jumping 10-0. – Off The Monster Sports

In a true Grinch moment, Bill Belichick found some love in his cold, black heart and signed twin brothers Jake and Cody Hollister. Both Jake and Cody were undrafted free agents so it remains to be seen how far they’ll make it with the Patriots, but this is as feel good a story as you’ll get coming out of Foxborough. It also gives me a reason to throw in some of my favorite ‘twins’ gifs, including the Bella Twins. If Belichick and McDaniels don’t utilize twin magic then they’re insane.

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020 Super Bowl, Royal Rumble, Pat Macafee

Opening (0:00 – 2:40), Super Bowl (2:40 – 19:22), Barstool Sports and Pat Macafee (19:22 – 26:25), Beyonce (26:25 – 31:05), Royal Rumble (31:05 – 35:50), What are we watching (35:50 – 47:47)

Celebrating a Legend: The Michael Jordan Story

February 17th, 1963… Oh what a beautiful day it was. For most people, this date does not really mean much to them, but to a fan, a REAL fan, this is the day sweet baby Michael was born. From high tops to low tops, creating records and breaking records, Air Jordan was born, ready to conquer the NBA, and the world. As MJ turns 51 this year, I look back on his life and realize why I Idol this man. Who else can make $618 for boiling 1 egg for 5 minutes? Yes that is a true statistic. Look it up folks. {editors note: please don’t} But I also came to a realization that although he is one of the best players on the court, he really hasn’t been successful in “retirement”. Look at the

_20140216_193602 2

Bobcats. You have Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player in the history of the planet, running things behind the scenes. How are they THIS bad? The Bobcats are basically giving away tickets in Charlotte. If you ask me, something is wrong with that picture. Gambling is also a major factor in Jordan’s life. Betting on horses, craps, golf putts, whether or not the groundhog is going to see his shadow; you name it, Jordan will bet on it, and that’s a major factor in Jordan’s post playing career decline.

As 2014 begins, it looks like Jordan and his new wife Yvette can open up a new chapter in their lives, which is welcoming to the world their newborn twin daughters. Stand back Olsen twins, Michael Jordan has twin daughters. There is a new power ensemble to contend with, and they just so happen to have the last name Jordan. While Jordan already has 3 other children with his previous wife, two boys and a girl, they never really lived up to MJ’s expectations. The lads attempted to play some basketball but even with Jordan mentoring them, they just didn’t have it. My first thought was that MJ is going to have these girls in the gym 24/7 building them up to be the WNBA’s worstnightmare(s). But then I came to the realization that although the Jordan brand will forever live on and be successful, why not have these girls carry the Jordan name in a different direction? With their dad’s mentorship, they have the ability to eventually take over the family business, and Jordan’s family business is owning a basketball team.. It makes sense in this perspective: Jordan is always trying to come out with new shoe and clothing designs; why not have them learn early on in life so they can make some magic and keep that Jordan Brand as popular as ever?

I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time out of their day to read my article. I also want to thank Michael Jordan for giving myself and many others that false hope that we could actually play as good as him if we bought his sneakers. Long live the king.

– Derek


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