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Happy Thanksgiving From our Family to Yours

With Thanksgiving tomorrow we thought it would be best to focus our ‘Twitter News Weekly’ efforts on this gravy covered holiday. So on this Thanksgiving of 2014: laugh and share stories with family and friends, dance like everyones watching and you just don’t give a shit, cheer on your favorite football teams, kiss your lover(s), and eat until your pants break under the pressure of one too many pieces of pumpkin pie. In other words, HAVE A DAY!

-Matt & Ryan

*BREAKING* Richie Incognito Has A Message For Jon Martin “The Truth Will Bury You…”

Jon Martin is a piece of trash. Get over it man, Richie has had enough of your cry baby nonsense. This is the NFL, not high school. Liking the heat on that last tweet, Richie. Things you said in private to him were aired. Eye for an eye.


Friday, You Just Made a Life-long BFF and You Didn’t Even Know It


Getting a compliment tweet from The Iron Sheik is the highest form of praise that a man can get. Friday, take this and run with it, and just be glad he is on your side.

Here are some of his other tweets:

Not sure if that last tweet was a compliment or not.


If Leonardo DiCaprio Wrote His Own Tweets

Leo copy

One of the best things in this world is also the worst: Leonardo DiCaprio has a twitter. The reason for this being one of the worst is that he CLEARLY doesn’t operate it. Here are some of his tweets:

Don’t get me wrong, there is noting wrong with being an activist, but come on, Leo! Show us some of your personality! No need to be pushing your foundations all the time. Give us some of the Leo I KNOW you are:

twoup DiCaprio+has+fun+in+the+club+_18bXMriet1l article-dicaprio-1230 leo-dicaprio-bar-rafaeli-460x345

We need a more candid Leonardo DiCaprio on Twitter! Until that day comes here is what I think his tweets would be like.

@LeoDiCaprio: Me and @JonahHill going out for chili dogs. #WhereTheLadiesAt
@LeoDiCaprio: Everyone go out and see The Wolf of Wall Street! Me and Shane, from the Walking Dead, get pretty nuts in it! #PopCultureReference
@LeoDiCaprio: Can’t wait for the Oscars this year. #Sarcasm #FuckYou #AnotherSnub
@LeoDiCaprio: Clooney! Everyone, let’s get #GetClooneyOnTwitter Trending! I need me some silver fox on here! #DamonToo
@LeoDiCaprio: Who wants to do a Christmas booze cruise?! I’m trying to get my titanic on! @KateWinslet knows what i’m talking about 😉 #SteamyHandprint 

While these might be terrible examples of his tweets, it just proves my point. We need Leo on Twitter more than ever.


Twitter News Weekly – Vol 3

-MattyV & RyanFoges

Alec Baldwin Goes Nuclear on Twitter

George Stark your days are numbered.  In a recent article posted by the aforementioned British reporter, he claims that Alec Baldwin’s wife was tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral.  Alec Baldwin did not take kindly to these acquisitions, to say the least.  Alec went on a little twitter rampage to vent his frustrations with Stark. Here are the tweets.

1 copy
2 copy
3 copy
“…Hey thats not true, but i’m going to tweet at your funeral” Holy shit, that escalated quickly. George Stark, run for the hills.  Because now not only do you have Alec Baldwin after you, but me as well.  How dare you write an article about Tony Soprano’s funeral and not make him the center of attention. Instead you go to the petty story of the day, a few random tweets. You have my attention Mr. Stark, and not in a good way.  Proofread your pieces 20 times over, because hell hath no fury, like my friends and I, when we find improper grammar online.  Not to mention Billy Baldwin is probably coming after your ass. Your cooked.


P.S. There is a special place in hell for people who try to make a fool of Alec Baldwin.

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