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Games Of Thrones Season 7 Is Unsurprisingly Now The Most Watched Premiere In HBO History

The “Game of Thrones” Season 7 premiere broke ratings records on HBO Sunday night.

The episode drew 16.1 million total viewers, including 10.1 million who watched on the linear channel and the rest coming from DVR and streaming. That represents an incredible 50% increase from last year’s premiere, when the show premiered in the spring when TV viewership is typically higher than the summer. That also makes the episode the most-watched season premiere for any HBO series to date. The Season 7 premiere also saw the highest number of concurrent viewers across the streaming services HBO Go and HBO Now. – Variety

It looks like the decision to push Game of Thrones into a summer release was a smart move, as the show absolutely destroyed HBO ratings records last night. The best part? GOT seems to be reaching a creative highpoint as well, as the last three episodes have been some of the best offerings to date. Any time you can increase your viewership by 50% from one season to the next, you know you’re doing something right. Since it’s pretty much the only show on for July and August, I have to imagine this ratings trend will continue throughout the season.


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‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ Netted FX Record Ratings, & An O.J. ’30 For 30′ Is Coming In June

EWThe numbers aren’t that surprising, given the pre-publicity surrounding The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, but the results are no less significant; the anthology series starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as the former NFL player-turned-convicted felon netted more than 5 million viewers, a record for an FX debut.

Nielsen says the first installment of the miniseries also averaged a 2.0 rating in adults 18–49, which represents 2.481 million viewers. That’s better than the first episode of American Horror Story, which achieved a 1.6 in 2011. 

It shouldn’t be surprising that ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’ was a huge ratings hit, but that it set record ratings for a network like FX is pretty crazy. FX is not exactly an unknown network, and for the past 10-15 years, they’ve had some of the best shows on television. It just goes to show you that over 20 years later, people are still fascinated by the ‘trial of the century’. I watched the premiere last night, and even though it’s been covered incessantly by the media, it’s still compelling television. The show is perfectly cast, and the direction and writing are just as good. The O.J. case has so many factors; race, celebrity, domestic abuse – that the media could key in on any aspect of it and the viewing public would eat it up.

What I’m more excited about, though, is that the documentary ‘O.J. Simpson: Made in America’ premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s an 8 hour documentary about O.J. and how race relations affected his life and career both before and after the death of his ex wife Nicole and Ronald Goldman. This 8 hour documentary is being turned into a 5 part ’30 for 30′, which, judging by the reviews on Twitter, is going to be something special.




Since the O.J. saga isn’t going away any time soon, we might as well sit back and enjoy the enthralling content.


‘Better Call Saul’ Had The Highest Rated Series Debut in Cable Television History

SaulBet AMC executives are glad they didn’t lose that Albuquerque lawyer’s number. Sunday night’s launch of Better Call Saul was the highest-rated series debut in cable history. The highly anticipated Breaking Bad prequel delivered 6.9 million viewers and a record-setting 3.4 adults 18-49 rating. That’s an enormous launch on a cable network where even hit shows tend to start modest and then gradally gather steam.

Of course, a show debuting after the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead is a bit like a network airing an episode of show after the Super Bowl, and Better Call Saul has plenty of viewer recognition from Breaking Bad. Ratings for tonight’s second episode should provide a stronger sense of the show’s true performance (no spoilers, but Monday’s hour contains a desert-set scene that’s easily the best sequence the show’s first few episodes). 

saul goodman animated GIF

Nothing makes a TV executive happier than good ratings, and ‘Better Call Saul’ is now the premiere cable ratings king. As the article states, it definitely helped that they had the best lead in on television, but while the ratings might have been helped by The Walking Dead, but show itself as well the second episode last night definitely delivered. While the show had a ‘Breaking Bad’ feel to it (Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan are doing the show, after all) there are enough new characters and stories to be told that should keep viewers coming back for more. The show starts off with a flash forward scene, a bleak look into Saul’s new life after everything that went down with Walter White. The rest of the show has been a flashback to his life before he was Saul Goodman (he was formerly attorney Jimmy McGill) with some classic Breaking Bad characters sprinkled in (Mike! Tuco!). If you haven’t yet, check out the first two episodes and keep coming back on Monday nights for more Saul Goodman madness.

– Ryan


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