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Trailer Alert – Battle of the Sexes

I would try to entice you into watching this trailer, but all I have to say is “Steve Carell and Emma Stone”.

I think Steve Carell’s versatility as an actor is SEVERELY underrated. Like shockingly underrated.¬†This movie should help him with that and help Emma Stone break out the the typecast she has found herself in. “Battle of the Sexes” showcases¬†The 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.


Must Watch Trailer – Saving Mr. Banks

Whoa Whoa Whoa! Hold the phone Jiminy Cricket! You mean to tell me that there is a movie coming out starring Tom Hanks that tells the untold story of the production of Mary Poppins the movie? and Tom Hanks plays the great Walter E. Disney? This is the best news i’ve heard about the silver screen since I found out that Dumb and Dumber Too was in production. How do you beat Tom Hanks as Walt Disney? You can’t, that’s the bottom line. The only thing that comes close would be if Clooney played Vince Lombardi in a Superbowl 1 movie.


PS- Love the B.J. Novak casting. Sneaky good actor.

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