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135 Movie Mind Eraser

Adam brings the riddles. Mike D supplies the Draft. Matt and Ryan warned you…

131 Biopic Draft Feat. Justine

Justine joins the program for an excitement-packed show. Ryan brings the riddles, Matt denounces the only sponsor they, Justine keeps the Whoopsies at an all-time low, and Biopics get drafted. Listen, watch and subscribe!

119 Unnecessary Yard Work

Ryan brings the riddles. Matt vents about his neighbors. Adam finishes Letter Kenny.

108 Aliens are Here and They’re Spectacular

Ryan hates Bobby’s Big Bifocals. Adam is Unhinged. Matt is now a Satanist.

Only the Best and the Brightest Athletes Show Up to Trivia Night

Trivia Tiebreaker


Intensity. Integrity. Intelligence. Are those Olympic athletes doing the football toss? Tough to tell, but it’s clear Wednesday Trivia Night is the breeding ground for the future of America. The future sure does look bleak.

– Ryan

P.S. Take notes on how to toss..

If I Was Going to Create a Bar Style Trivia, Here is How it Would Go


I have been to many a trivia nights over the years, and not one has been the ideal situation. They are either too long, too short, terrible food, too hard, or way to easy. This got me thinking. With all these trivia experiences under my belt I could probably make the greatest trivia game of all time. So here it is.

When and Where?

My Trivia night (from here-forth to be known as “El Preguntas” [“the questions” in Spanish]) would happen on the best night of the week, Monday night. This might sound insane, but Monday really is my favorite night of the week. What’s better than drinking your work sorrows away after the first day of the week? Nothing. Go ahead, get loaded up and play trivia, Tuesdays don’t count as real work days anyway. Oh and did I mention Monday Night Raw will be on all TV’s during trivia? Game, Set, Vince McMahon. (During football obviously half the TVs will be on MNF)

The “where” doesn’t matter as much as the “when”. Just as long as it’s a sports bar withs lots of TVs and egg salad on the menu.


Rounds & Rules

El Preguntas has 4 rounds of trivia goodness.

Round Uno

Pictionary – One person from each team competes in 5 rounds of pictionary-style games. (each round worth ten points)

Round Dos

Wrestling Entrance themes – Self explanatory. I play music, you tell me who strutted out to it. 10 themes, 2 points for every correct answer.

Round Tres

Physical Challenge – Arm wrestling, one-on-one basketball, 10-rounds of boxing…whatever i’m feeling that night. Tournament-style, with the winner receiving 10 points and second place receiving NOTHING.


Round Cuatro

Mental Challenge – Math equations, optical illusions, and word problems. 10 questions worth 2 points each.

And there you have it, El Preguntas. A no-nonsense trivia night for you and all your friends. I really don’t think any bar outside of Tijuana will hire me, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.


PS- Any and all tiebreakers will be decided by a steel cage match.

I Defy Anyone To Beat My Celebrity Birthday Triple Threat

Johnny Depp-1406453

natalie-portman-portrait         ???????????????????????????

A few buddies and I were at the bar last night and in between rounds of trivia we decided to look up which celebrities shared the same birthdays as us. Needless to say my triple threat blew people away. I had strangers coming up to me wanting my autograph. The waitress picked up my tab. This kind of makes me a famous person right? When you share such an important day with three icons of the silver and movie screens, a little bit of that magic rubs off on you. Johnny Depp is a stud. A perfect mix of a franchise guy and a risk taker, and one goddamn beautiful man. Natalie Portman is a fox, and one pretty talented actress. Even if I stop here, I feel pretty confident that I have most people beat in the fictional celebrity birthday competition. But my foot is on the gas and I’m cruising down the freeway, so it’s only right that the the world’s greatest human being was also born on June 9th: Michael J. Marty McFly Fox. Enormous child star and centerpiece of the greatest franchise in movie history. You think Parkinson’s is going to slow him down? He spits in Parkinson’s face and makes it say his name. Now he’s back to his roots with the Michael J. Fox Show, premiering in September. I always knew June 9th was a great day, but this just reinforces the fact that I have the best birthday ever. Anyone care to debate? Lay your top three on me, but be forewarned, I got Dick Vitale and Tedy Bruschi in my back pocket.

– Ryan