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Imagine Dragons are the new Linkin Park Because Transformers

It used to be every time a new Transformers movie came out a new Linkin Park song/album did also, but now with the reboot of the franchise it looks like Michael Bay went for a fresher sound in his robot movies.


I Have It! I Have the New Transformers Trailer!

Michael Bay, himself, delivered this to my house last night….Ok, maybe he didn’t but i like to believe he did. Leave me and my dreams alone!




I am patiently awaiting the teaser trailer for the new Transformers movie.  Need me some Dinobots….NEED THEM.


PS- Can we get some Beast Wars action for Transformers 5? Starring Leo. I will accept nobody less.

PSS- The trailer is being released tonight at 7:30 et. Thanks, Michael Bay!

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