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Arnold Schwarzenegger Had One Hell of a Night Last Night

66 years old and still kicking ass. New York City to tape The Tonight Show, Brooklyn for Monday Night Raw. All in a days work when you’re the Governator. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took a helicopter to get to Raw, just because he could. If Arnold actually worked for QVC and sold vegetable choppers I think I’d throw away all my kitchen ware and primarily eat chopped vegetables. Just a monster of a salesmen. Now I NEED to see Sabotage. If movies stuiods were smart they would just send Arnold out to various talks shows and live events and have him charm peoples asses off. Guaranteed box office success.

P.S. Nobody backhands like Arnold backhands.


Jimmy Fallon & William Joel Rocked the House With a Doo Wop Version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

I’m on the record as being a big Jimmy Fallon fan, but when you’re in the same frame as William Joel, you have a zero chance of getting any credit for a great segment. Just a perfect spin on a classic song. If there’s anyone who can lead the comeback of Doo Wop, it’s these two. I may even start a petition to just have Billy Joel be a guest on The Tonight Show every night so they can do Doo Wop versions of every song in history.

– Ryan

Brian Williams Rapping the News to ‘Rappers Delight’ is Everything I Never Knew I Needed

I need to find out who edits these videos for Fallon and shake his hand, because these are amazing. ‘Rapper’s Delight’ is the newest installment from last nights episode and it’s easily my favorite one. Who knew Brian Williams could break it down like that?

– Ryan

Ignition Square Off: Jimmy Fallon Ragtime vs. Dave Chappelle’s R. Kelly


Who are we kidding, Dave Chappelle’s wins by a country mile, but Jimmy Fallon is still el hombre. Once I saw the video of Fallon singing Ignition in ragtime I immediately thought of Chappelle’s spoof version. Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love. I don’t even want, none of the above I want to piss on you. I think I just found my wedding song.

– Ryan

To No One’s Surprise, Jimmy Fallon Killed It On His First Night Hosting ‘The Tonight Show’

It was between this and ‘the history of hip hop dancing’ for my favorite sketch of the night, but anytime you can see an unadvertised Bobby DeNiro you have to relish it. I knew Fallon would kill it as host of The Tonight Show, because that’s what he does: accepts a challenge and knocks it out of the park. It started with SNL, and has translated seamlessly to late night TV hosting. Like most fans, I’m happy to be along for the ride.

– Ryan

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