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#MusicMonday: Michael Jackson – Thriller

With Halloween creeping up tomorrow, I thought it’d be appropriate to feature one of, if not THE best song that makes you think of Halloween. To think this music video was created in 1983 still blows my mind. Have a great day on purpose.


Alien Covenant, Dark Universe and Bad Movie Descriptions – MMGA Episode #15

Steely Phil replaces Adam on the 15th episode of the Make Movies Great Again Podcast. On this episode, we stump each other with Bad Movie Descriptions, attempt to sum up Alien Covenant in one word, gush over Tom Hardy as Venom and try to make sense of Universal Pictures’ new ‘Dark Universe.’

And don’t go chasing waterfalls just yet, we also have a new Movie Club episode. This week, we chat about the kung fu classic, ‘The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.’

Don’t leave this page without listening to both! (or at least SUBSCRIBING to our podcast)


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My Best Friend Tom Hardy is Coming Out With a New Movie

Here’s the first look at “Locke”, the new thriller starring Tom Hardy (and seemingly ONLY Tom Hardy). A 90 minute movie starring only Tom Hardy? Count me in. He was far and away my favorite part of TDKR, and he’s been must see in just about every serious movie he’s been in. Going by the trailer, critics seem to be universally praising “Locke”, but I’m sure we’ll hear more chatter when it gets closer to its April 18th release. Until then, I’ll be re watching all of Bane’s scenes and trying to perfect his voice. Time to go mobile.

– Ryan

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