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My Jealously of Aaron Paul Grows Daily

THEN THIS HAPPENED (no word on whether the kiss took place or not):

Kings of Leon, bitch! It’s not cool enough that Aaron Paul went to a Kings of Leon concert in NYC last night. No, he had to make friends with Bill Murray and Rob Thomas. If we ever start cloning people, please start with Bill Murray. We could use more of him around. Also, Rob Thomas is the greatest third wheel of all time.

– Ryan

H/T Buzzfeed

Surprise! NY Paramedic Who Tweeted Picture of Handicapped Lady Is Being Sued

(Source) “An obese wheelchair-bound woman is suing a  New York City EMT after he tweeted a photo of her with the caption ‘Wide Load’,  it emerged today.

Teena Gamzon, 65, who suffers from diabetes  and other ailments, says fire department EMT Thomas Dluhos secretly photographed  her and then splashed it over the Internet.

He tweeted it from his now-defunct Twitter  page with the caption: ‘#fatladytweets Look what my husband did to my wheels  couch. That b*****d’.

The suit was filed in Brooklyn state Supreme  Court this week and seeks unspecified  damages for mental anguish, ridicule and emotional distress.

Her lawyer says his client is devastated and  confined to her home with shame.

She told The New York  Daily News: ‘I’m  devastated. We’re made jokes of as it is.’

Dluhos, who allegedly posted a slew of racist  comments on Twitter under the handle Bad  Lieutenant has since been fired. The Twitter page has been taken  down.

He hung up the phone when the Daily News  asked about the lawsuit.”

The tweet that got him in trouble: Dluhos secretly took a picture of Teena Gamzon and posted it online with the caption Wide Load


Probably not the smartest idea. When I read the headline and saw the picture I thought it was kind of funny. Then I saw the oxygen tank strapped to the wheelchair. Now he’s kind of a dick. If this was a random person tweeting this picture then it’d probably be a little bit funnier. But, correct if I’m wrong, aren’t paramedics supposed to help people? Assist them when they can’t help themselves. I’m kind of glad he’s getting sued. I’m not saying taking the picture was wrong. I probably would have done the same thing. Hilarious caption. Tweeting it out as a paramedic? Not the smartest move in the world. Apparently he’s a racist too. Real winner.

– Ryan



Barbie Thomas, The Armless Bodybuilder

(Source) “Barbie Thomas lost both her arms at the age of 2. She was playing outside her Texas apartment complex and climbed onto a transformer, grabbling on to the wires. The electric current traveled through her little body, from her hands out her feet, burning her arms to the bone.

“They were like charcoal,” she writes in her biography on her website, Fitness Unarmed “They were completely dead and had to be amputated at the shoulders.”

No one expected Thomas to live. But today, at 37, she has accomplished what was once regarded as the impossible: Thomas is a competitive body builder and model.

“I thank God I am alive,” said Thomas, who now lives in Phoenix with her two sons, aged 13 and 17. She uses her shoulders as arms, which her children call her “nubs.”

Barbie Thomas does not miss leg day at the gym, which I guess is pretty crucial when you don’t have arms. This is obviously an inspiring story but is this legal? I have to imagine there is nothing in the bodybuilding rulebook that states you must have arms, but come on. Every other competitor has to make sure their entire physique is perfect. Not Barbie Thomas. Abs and legs. That’s it. Contestant #3 doesn’t have toned biceps? Barbie Thomas doesn’t have any biceps. Either way, good for you Barbie. All is fair in love and armless bodybuilding.

– Ryan

P.S. The fact that a woman with no arms is in better shape than me really ruined my day.

It’s Well Known That If You Button The Top Button Of A Dress Shirt You’re A Psycho Right?



As I was watching The Bridge last night, I realized one of it’s creepiest characters always wears dress shirts buttoned to the top. If this isn’t the sign of a psychopath then I don’t know what is. If you’re buttoning the top button of a dress shirt and you’re not wearing a tie you have or will eventually murder someone. I’ve always been someone who believes that their are levels of crazy. Dress shirts buttoned to the top is easily level 7. Add in the fact that it’s a classic fashion no-no and you have a recipe for disaster.

– Ryan

P.S. This is how you wear a dress shirt.

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