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I Wish I Was A Kid Again – Mad Max Power Wheels Are Here!

Oh sweet baby Bill Paxton are those things awesome! Now, before you jump down my throat with the “those can’t be real” and the “There is no way a company would sell those”, because believe me i was thinking the same thing until I did a little further research.

Drifters copy

How cool would you have been to be the kid in the neighborhood with one of these bad boys? Just pulling up to your buddy in the big wheel and just monster trucking his ride like it ain’t no thang. Infinity cool points as a toddler. Is it too much to buy one of these now and save it for my future movie-loving son? Maybe. Will I do it anyway? Probably. HUGE kudos going to for coming up with this amazing product.


PS Think it will hold 250 pounds of twisted steel and Happy Meals?

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