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My Favorite Sketch From Charlize Theron’s SNL: Bikini Beach Party

Charlize Theron’s second hosting stint on SNL was kind of meh overall, but I really enjoyed the Bikini Beach party sketch. Even though you knew the whale was eventually going to explode, it kind of took me by surprise and worked well. The funniest part about this sketch is that it’s not that absurd. Whales do wash up on the beach and explode from time to time, I just don’t know that I’d take a girl looking for a kiss to the one spot on the beach where there is a whale carcass. But thats why Taran Killam is on SNL and I’m not. Also, ukulele for life.


Charlize Theron’s SNL Promo’s Are Here & Man Is She Gorgeous

It’s an undeniable fact that Charlize Theron is gorgeous, but she kind of sneaks under the radar sometimes. Whenever these beautiful people lists come up she never seems to float to the top but she absolutely should. Short hair, long hair, no hair. She’s just got that face that makes you forget where the hell you are. As far as hosting SNL, this is her second time, with the first being way back in the year 2000. She’s a pro, so I can’t see her flopping, and with her there promoting A Million Ways To Die in the West, I’m hoping for a cameo or two from some of her co stars. Seth Macfarlane? NPH? Liam Neeson? Maybe even her new lover Sean Penn? Possiblities are endless. The Black Keys doing the singing is just a major bonus. I can’t wait for Saturday night.

– Ryan

Hot Diggity Dog: Charlize Theron & Andy Samberg Will Host the Final Two SNL’s This Season

SNL’s official twitter account broke the news today about the final two hosts of season 39. Andrew Garfield hosts next week and now Charlize Theron and my sweet prince Andy Samberg will follow. I don’t remember much from Theron’s first hosting gig in 2000, so she’s got a clean slate with me. Samberg, on the other hand, is one of my all time favorite cast members. Will we see multiple digital shorts? A Nicolas Cage impression? All I know is the sky’s the limit with Andy Samberg and a week with the writers of SNL. The final three episodes should be fantastic.


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