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Feeling Depressed? “Sad Tweets” Won’t Help You


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It’s tough out there for Twitter users. Some days, you’re unstoppable, racking up favs and retweets faster than you can count. It feels like the internet is hanging on your every word. Most days, however, it’s another story altogether. Your witty observations, hilarious links, artfully-shot food photos, and cryptic messages land with a thud, bouncing off the craniums of your followers (half of which may or may not be robots) without leaving an impact. – The Verge

This SEEMED cool, so The Average Nobodies decided to try it out…

Wow. Talk about a kick in the nuts. All this time and I thought we were loved on Twitter…I’m going to go cry under my desk.


PS- See your “Sad Tweets” at

‘The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz’

One of the movies Ryan, and I had to unfortunately miss at SXSW this year was ‘The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz’. Aaron Swartz, creator of Reddit and internet political pioneer, committed suicide in January of 2013, but the creators of this film refused to let his story and hard work die with him. Here is the story of the internet’s own boy.


When I get a chance to see it I will writeup a little something something for the blog.

Introducing Android Wear

The Verge just leaked this video of Google’s first stab at the smart watch arena. It looks glorious! Best part: no camera. Ain’t nobody got time to take pictures with their watch.


PS- Here is Motorola’s smart watch design. The circle look it awesome.

Leaked Footage of HTC’s Next Flagship Phone (Codename M8)

Very similar design to the HTC 1, because when something isn’t broke don’t fix it. It keeps all the things that were awesome about the 1 including: aluminum unibody, dual front facing speakers, beats audio, and a large, crystal clear display. It adds a packed interior with dual cameras on the back, and a new multitasking interface. I’m already more impressed with this than the GS5. Nobody needs a heat monitor built in the phone. Also, has Samsung discovered aluminum yet?


(Video was taken from the verge)

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