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Have Stranger Things Fever? You’ll Love Millie Bobby Brown Rapping A Season 1 Recap

Millie can rap!

Stranger Things YouTube Link

At this point I would judge you if you DIDN’T have Stranger Things fever, because as good as season 1 was, season 2 was even better. It focused more on the whole cast (and even brought in a few new characters: RIP Bob. You were too good for this world). I loved all the pairings, especially Steve and Dustin and the re-connection of Mike & Eleven. If you haven’t watched ST2 yet and need a refresher on the first installment, Millie Bobby Brown has you covered. The fact that a 13 year old is this talented blows my mind. Enjoy!



Adele’s World Takeover Continues As She Sings The Toy Instrument Cover of ‘Hello’ On The Tonight Show

Adele has been everywhere lately, promoting her new album and making everyone sob themselves to sleep. She killed it on SNL and on Jimmy Kimmel, and now she took her talent to The Tonight Show where she sang a different version of her hit song ‘Hello’. This is why I love Jimmy Fallon. Every other late night host would have Adele on to sing and that’s it. Fallon has her on and has her sing with The Roots and childrens instruments. Great stuff.


Watch All Your 90’s Dreams Come True As Kenan & Kel Star In A ‘Goodburger’ Sketch On The Tonight Show

‘Goodburger’ is one of those sketches turned into movies that are timeless. It’s not the greatest sketch or movie in the world, but I dare you to watch that video above and not get a huge slap of nostalgia right in the face. Fallon is the master of nostalgia, and it helps that he has such a great rapport with pretty much everyone in show business, because he can bring them in for something like this at the drop of a hat. Kenan & Kel were a dynamic duo, and even if it was only for one night, I’m glad they reunited. Now if you’ll excuse I’m going to be watching Kenan & Kel highlights for the rest of the afternoon.


SNL Pals Jimmy Fallon & Jason Sudekis Played ‘Drinko’ On The Tonight Show

As a big time SNL fan, I love that Jimmy Fallon is the host of The Tonight Show, because any time you turn on the show, there’s a solid chance an old SNL alum is going to be on, and it’s going to be fun and adorable. Jason Sudekis was never the ‘main guy’ on SNL, but a sketch was always better when he was in it. He could play the straight guy, the wacky guy and everything in between, and he genuinely loved being on the show. He and Fallon reunited last night, and played Fallon’s version of Plinko, which is Drinko. The rules are simple: you drop discs down a Plinko board and whatever two cups the discs land in, you mix together and  drink it. The creepiest part: the hands that come out of nowhere to give you the cups. The best part: no discs land in the tequila cup, but Sudekis drinks it anyway.


Jimmy Fallon As Neil Young & The Actual Neil Young Sang ‘Old Man’ Last Night On The Tonight Show

Neil Young is far and away my favorite Jimmy Fallon musical impersonation. Not only does he nail the voice, but Fallon is so talented he can play the guitar and harmonica at the same time. His cover of ‘Fancy’ and ‘Whip My Hair’ are great, but getting the actual Neil Young to come out alongside him and sing a Neil Young song was beyond awesome.

– Ryan

Jimmy Fallon Celebrated Bringing ‘The Tonight Show’ Back To LA By Recreating The Fresh Prince Opening

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to create a perfect shot for shot remake of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ opening including some fantastic cameos from Alfonso Ribeiro and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Just when you think you’ve seen everything from Jimmy, he goes out and outdoes himself. My only question is why did he take a cab from NY to LA? I know he’s doing pretty well financially but that seems like an enormous waste of time and money.

– Ryan

Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart Just Set The Lip Sync Bar Incredibly High On Jimmy Fallon

There’s just so much to love here. First off, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are fantastic lip syncers. We already knew Jimmy Fallon could do it, but Will and Kevin just dominated here. Add lip syncing to the list of things that they’re better than 90% of the worlds population at. As good as Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon are, Will Ferrell is just amazing. He doesn’t just lip sync, he performs. His Beyoncé rendition of ‘Drunk in Love’ was hauntingly wonderful and I’ll probably never get those images out of my head. The surprises were also great, like Chrissy Teigen’s cry face floating around during Kevin Hart’s ‘All of Me’ cover and Drew Barrymore coming out to reenact the Dirty Dancing dance scene during Jimmy Fallon’s cover of ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’. Also Kevin Hart’s atomic bomb shirt is AWESOME. A+ times a million.

– Ryan

Let’s All Marvel At Steve Carell Singing ‘Sexual Healing’ With The Ragtime Gals On The Tonight Show

I was always under the impression that no one could sing Marvin Gaye’s songs better than he could, but it looks like I was wrong. Steve Carell and The Ragtime Gals absolutely own this version of ‘Sexual Healing’, and this is further proof that there is nothing Jimmy Fallon or Steve Carell can’t do. Carell got nominated for a Golden Globe yesterday for Foxcatcher yesterday as well, so congrats to Michael Gary Scott. I have a four hour bus ride to New York this afternoon, and you bet your sweet ass I’ll be listening to this cover of ‘Sexual Healing’ the entire way.

– Ryan

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