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Adele’s World Takeover Continues As She Sings The Toy Instrument Cover of ‘Hello’ On The Tonight Show

Adele has been everywhere lately, promoting her new album and making everyone sob themselves to sleep. She killed it on SNL and on Jimmy Kimmel, and now she took her talent to The Tonight Show where she sang a different version of her hit song ‘Hello’. This is why I love Jimmy Fallon. Every other late night host would have Adele on to sing and that’s it. Fallon has her on and has her sing with The Roots and childrens instruments. Great stuff.


Music Thursday – All About That Bass

Can’t get enough of this song and the rest of Meghan’s music! Catchy stuff.


Here is the song with The Roots and Jimmy going in on it. They should release their own album of just these “cover”songs they do. I’d buy 1,000,000 copies.

Steve Harvey Was a Guest on ‘The Tonight Show’ & Hosted a Hysterical Game of Family Feud

Steve Harvey, Jason Segal, Jimmy Fallon, Family Feud. I am all in on this one. This video confirms two things: Jimmy Fallon has the best job in the world, and Steve Harvey was put on this earth to host game shows. Also, it gives me an excuse to show the world the best Family Feud clip ever.

He said, “cupine”!

– Ryan

Reason #235322 Why Jimmy Fallon and The Roots are an Awesome Duo

Take Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, sprinkle in some children’s toys and Rachel’s mom from Glee and you have…..awesomeness.


Robin Thicke featuring Jimmy Fallon & The Roots – Blurred Lines

How cool is Robin Thicke? Number one song in the world and still finds the time to cover his own song with classroom instruments. It must be a musician’s dream come true to go on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Not only can you rock out with Jimmy, but his house band is The Roots. Musical talent like you dream about. I didn’t think this song could get catchier. I was wrong.

– Ryan

P.S. Can’t hurt that this is his dad. Male woof.


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