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The Teaser Trailer For the Third & Final Season of ‘The Newsroom’ Is Here & It Doesn’t Give Us Anything

‘The Newsroom’ returns for it’s final season in November, and HBO’s newly released teaser trailer couldn’t give us less information about it if it tried. The entire 41 second trailer is of a copier spitting out pages of a script referencing espionage and jail and Will McAvoy threatening to quit again. The trailer could’ve just been 41 seconds of Jeff Daniels staring into the camera and I’d be fine with it, because the show has already proven to me that it’s worth watching, so I’m not mad about it. Also,¬†whenever Sloan Sabbith is in my life, all is well with the world.

– Ryan

Ok, I Officially Hate Aaron Rodgers



Back off my woman, Rodgers! If that is your real name. How dare you think you can just walk up and sweep Olivia Munn off her feet. I have no idea what she sees in you…ok, maybe I do, but that doesn’t change the facts: You date Olivia Munn = I hate your stinking guts. I hope you enjoyed being drafted onto my fantasy team last year., because that is the last time I use you for trade bate! That’s right, I was FAKING IT!


Eat it, Rodgers.


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