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The Miz Cut One Of The Best Promo’s Of His Career Last Night On Talking Smack

After last night’s Smackdown broadcast, Daniel Bryan joined Renee Young for ‘Talking Smack’ like he always does. During the final segment, the Miz interrupted Young and Bryan and asked why he and his IC title haven’t been featured more on Smackdown. Well The Miz got his answer, and it was a real one: Daniel Bryan thinks the Miz fights like a coward, and embodies that soft style that WWE used to be known for. Now, there’s going to a lot of discussion about what happened next, and my opinion on it is that it went down pretty much exactly as it what supposed to. You don’t have a guy interrupt a segment asking why he isn’t featured, then get called out for being a coward AND then have him cut the promo of his life by accident. Daniel Bryan walking off and Renee Young not knowing what to do made the entire segment that much more compelling, and this is the type of  realistic stuff the WWE should be doing. If someone calls you a coward in real life, that is how you’d respond. I’m not saying everyone will be able to handle cutting this type of promo, but you know Miz can, and he went out and delivered. The only thing that would’ve made this better is if Daniel Bryan wasn’t seriously hurt and could get back in the ring and rip Miz’s arms off.


Trailer Alert: The Marine 4 Featuring The Miz & Summer Rae

As far as movie trailers go, it doesn’t get more prestigious than The Marine franchise. What started off as John Cena beating people up in the name of America has now transformed into THE MIZ beating people up in the name of America. Summer Rae is a nice little wrinkle, and I’d watch her pretty much do anything. If she created a new YouTube series where she just ties her shoes for 10 minutes I’d subscribe in a millisecond. I can’t imagine there’s much more to the movie than the 40 seconds we get in this trailer, but if the WWE puts their stamp of approval on a movie, there’s a good shot it’s going to hilariously bad.

– Ryan

A Look At The WWE Network


If you’re like me and still keep tabs on professional wrestling every chance you get, you’ve probably heard a similar question from a friend at some point: isn’t the WWE kind of outdated? My first reaction when I hear this kind of question is to launch into a rant about the continued brilliance of the world’s greatest blend of drama and sport. But when I manage to restrain myself, I realize there is at least some validity to the question.

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