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Andy Serkis Reading Donald Trump’s Tweets As Gollum Is Magical

Reading and following Donald Trump’s Twitter account prior to November 8th was a roller coaster, but now that he’s the leader of the free world, it’s frightening. He rarely makes sense, which is not something you’d prefer to be the main talking point of a world leader. Andy Serkis joined Stephen Colbert last night and brought a bit of levity to the whole ‘Donald Trump is probably going to end us all’ storyline by reading some of Trump’s tweets as Gollum. Skip ahead to the 4:00 minute to listen. Also, I’ll take Andy Serkis as Gollum as Trump’s new Press Secretary immediately.



Artie Lange Reminding Us That He Is Still Alive and Is As Funny/Insane as Ever

Well, I bet Jimmy Fallon had no idea that he was going to be discussing fucking strippers on the show. Then again if you have Artie on your show you have to be prepared for the worst. If you haven’t yet please read Artie’s book “Too Fat To Fish”, it’s amazing and clearly written by him.


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