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040 Game of Thrones S7 E1 – Dragon Stone

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Possible Theories, Possible Spoilers…….THE HOUND

Watch at your own risk of spoilers

I knew it! You all told me I was dumb, that I had my head in the clouds, that i’ll never be able to eat a whole family sized turkey…well that last one is has noting to do with this, but it doesn’t matter! THE HOUND is coming in HOT! I can’t wait until The Hound makes his triumphant return, chops The Mountain’s stupid head off, gives Arya her sight back, and gives the new king is patented catchphrase….



A Man Named “The Hound”



Throughout Westeros, he was known as a destroyer. In Kings Landing, a traitor. To Arya Stark, a protector. While his name and legacy as “The Hound” certainly did precede him, by the end he was just a man, a man named Sandor Clegane. In my circle of friends it’s no secret that The Hound is my favorite Game of Thrones character (followed closely by Arya, Brienne, and Jon Snow). The Hound was a realist that took no chances when it came to his own wellbeing (and by the end Arya’s wellbeing as well). The dynamic between him and Arya was something I looked forward to every week when watching Game of Thrones. From being his hostage, then as a fellow traveler, and then, dare I say, friend? Well, as close as “friends” that their lifestyles would allow. With everything The Hound taught Arya she is finally ready to move forward on her own. Arya is now “The Hound”.

I leave you with this.

Yes, “The Hound” died on that mountain side, but what has become of Sandor Clegane? We may never know.






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