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097 The Godfather Recasted

Ryan, Adam, Matt and Mitch are all in studio for the very first time! This episode has a little bit of everything: A reading from The Godfather, trilogy talk, scummy Skip banter, birthday riddles and MORE!

The Godfather, The Wrestling Pimp, Is Going To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

What a time to be alive. The Godfather, the same guy who would offer his ‘hoes’ to other wrestlers like Vader in exchange for a win, is getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s surprising but at the same time not surprising at all. The WWE LOVES the Attitude Era. It’s the reason they’re still a successful company today. I’m surprised every single roster member from that era isn’t already in the Hall of Fame, but I’m assuming that’s coming eventually. As far as The Godfather goes, it’s my second favorite gimmick Charles Wright performed (Papa Shango is #1) and I’m not really someone who should be arguing for or against someone making a fictional Hall of Fame. As long as there’s a ho train at the induction ceremony, I’ll be a happy man.


Channing Tatum’s Daughters Poop Face Reminds Him Of Marlon Brando’s Death In ‘The Godfather’

I was thinking about adding a spoiler alert to this post just in case people haven’t seen The Godfather, but the movie came out 43 years ago and if you haven’t seen it that’s your problem. Now, onto the poop discussion. Weirdly enough this is the second post that we’ve had today that deals with poop, but luckily this one doesn’t include an Instagram commenter telling an 18 year old he wants her to use his face as a toilet. I don’t think people realize how lucky our generation is as far as late night TV hosts. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Letterman, Conan; you can turn on four or five different channels after 1130 and get some quality late night TV. While Kimmel isn’t my favorite late night host (Conan, always and forever) he is usually pretty great with his guests. Enter professional charmer Channing Tatum, who has a little one on one talk with Kimmel about his daughters poop face, which just so happens to look like Marlon Brando dying in The Godfather. Late night TV at it’s finest.

– Ryan

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