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In Truly Sad News, The Property That Was ‘The Booby Trap’, The Boob Shaped Strip Club in Florida, Is Getting Torn Down

BoobsA night spot with a history of alleged criminal activity, which boasts a rather “voluptuous” architectural design, could be torn down in a matter of months.

The building that now houses Club Rio, located near the entrance to Winter Park on Lee Road, has seen several strip clubs over the span of 40 years. It’s best known to residents as its original name, The Booby Trap, which also described its domed design, resembling a woman’s breasts.

A more recent name residents recognize is Club Harem, which battled with the city over several issues.

In a lawsuit filed against the city of Winter Park in 2010, the club claimed police officers bullied their employees and used illegal tactics to try to shut them down. In 2006, police arrested six Club Harem workers and three customers on drug charges.

Now, the building’s owner has signed a sales contract, offering to sell the structure and the land to the city of Winter Park, which in turn plans to demolish the building and re-sell it.

No adult-oriented business will be allowed to open at the location, according to the city’s code.


I’ve never been to ‘The Booby Trap’, because I won’t go to Florida, but you have to give credit where credit is due. A boob shaped strip club is a genius idea. The fact that every strip club isn’t shaped like pair of ham hogs is now a very depressing thought. It’s equally as depressing that a man from Florida came up with this idea. I guess that old saying is true: there is a fine line between genius and insanity. While you’re out drinking with your friends this weekend, remember ‘The Booby Trap’, and pour out a little liquor for this boob shaped monument of joy and semen.

– Ryan