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056 The Big Scary Thanksgiving

Average Nobodies Podcast – The Walking Dead / Thanksgiving

On today’s show we’re chatting about our Thanksgiving holiday’s and breaking down episode 8.5 of The Walking Dead titled The Big Scary U. You can chat with us on Twitter @AverageNobodies, toss us a like on Facebook @AverageNobodies and heart all our pictures on instagram, @AverageNobodies. Don’t forget, this podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and YouTube.

Monster Blog: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Floats

One of the staples of Thanksgiving (besides the three F’s: football, family & food) is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Since 1924, the parade has taken over Manhattan every Thanksgiving day with floats, balloons, marching bands and celebrities. While it’s always cool to see Mount Rushmore or Sesame Street characters marching down Central Park West, we felt that there wasn’t enough variety in the float department. What floats would we add to the parade? We thought you’d never ask.

James Gandolfini Dressed As The Pope During Mardi Gras


Photo; Huff Post

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time, and if you turn this into a float, the sky is the limit. First of all, you have James Gandolfini smoking a cigar dressed as the pope. That’s one of your all time great foundations for a parade float. I think the ideal choice would be to give it some type of Mardi Gras theme. Beads, booze, cigars, etc. Maybe have a few extras dressed as priests and nuns passing out shots to the crowd. If it’s an especially cold Thanksgiving you can mix it up and pass out Hot Toddies. I think the combo of paying respect to one of the greatest actors of all time and passing out a crap ton of booze will be a big hit for everyone involved.

– Ryan

Bill Paxton


Photo: Comic Con


Earlier this year we lost a talented actor, role model, and friend, Bill Paxton. There’s no doubt in my mind that if we could talk to good ole’ Bill from beyond the grave, he would agree that the best way to honor his memory is to forever enshrine him in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I couldn’t think of a better float to be thankful for. Maybe it’s him from Twister, or Titanic, or maybe it’s him from Aliens. Hell, it could even be a giant tribute to his entire body of work. Doesn’t matter, it’s still Bill.

– Matt

Nothing Illustrates How Far Our Society Has Fallen Better Than This Black Friday Lingerie Fight In Victoria’s Secret

This is heartwarming. I’m sure that whatever lingerie these animals are fighting over won’t be there tomorrow or the next day or for the next 24 days before Christmas. If people want a quick 30 second recap of what’s wrong with the world, just show them this video. Forget all the “day after we all said what we’re thankful for” bullshit too. This is just savage stuff, no matter what day of the year it happens on. With that said, I will watch these videos every day because they’re hysterical, and show why I hate people so much. If you want to see more (you know you do), go to the Black Friday Fights YouTube Channel. It’s enchanting.

– Ryan

Happy Thanksgiving From our Family to Yours

With Thanksgiving tomorrow we thought it would be best to focus our ‘Twitter News Weekly’ efforts on this gravy covered holiday. So on this Thanksgiving of 2014: laugh and share stories with family and friends, dance like everyones watching and you just don’t give a shit, cheer on your favorite football teams, kiss your lover(s), and eat until your pants break under the pressure of one too many pieces of pumpkin pie. In other words, HAVE A DAY!

-Matt & Ryan

Selena Gomez’s Performance Was Missing One Thing: R. Kelly in an Apron

I’ll give Selena a little credit here. Her performance was tolerable, but when I think of football on Thanksgiving day, Selena Gomez doesn’t come to my mind. I have a hard time believing any rabid football fan is also a huge Selena Gomez fan. Since she was already operating at a disadvantage, why not bring in the hottest thing in music today to spice up your performance?




R. Kelly is a musical triple threat. Sex, passion and unpredictability. Is he gonna show up on stage and hump Selena Gomez while wearing a beautiful white apron while millions of Americans are eating Thanksgiving dinner? I hope so, because that’s what people pay to see. If R. Kelly did every major halftime show until the end of the time I’d die a happy man. You just can’t teach his talent.

– Ryan

Jacoby Jones Had Too Much Turkey This Thanksgiving

Lay off the seconds Jacoby, you got a ball game to play.


– Ryan

Twitter News Weekly – Thanksgiving

– The Average Nobodies

Happy Thanksgiving From Andre the Giant and The Average Nobodies!

If this doesn’t make you hungry I don’t know what will. Happy Thanksgiving! See ya tomorrow for Twitter News Weekly!

– The Average Nobodies

(thanks to HD for the pic)