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Uber Is Introducing A ‘Sixth Star’ Award For Exceptional Drivers And Sounds Like The Best Company In The World To Work For

StarUber is the poster child for disruption and technological innovation. Yet with a new program meant to inspire its drivers, the 6-year-old startup is deploying a pretty old-school tactic: an employee-of-the-week award for drivers.

There’s a bit of a twist though — Uber drivers aren’t technically company employees.

Each week, Uber awards two drivers a Sixth Star for exceptional service. Winners get a $1,000 American Express gift card, some corporate schwag — hat, medal of honor, etc. — and public recognition for being awesome.

“We want to recognize service for which our five-star rating system is simply not enough,” Uber vice president David Richter told The Huffington Post in an email, referring to how the ride-share app lets customers rank drivers on a scale of one to five stars.

Marketing and management experts said the program, which was just expanded globally, has the potential to inspire drivers, and signals to customers that Uber values drivers.

That's Good

I love Uber. Their app, their service, their drivers; everything they do is excellent. The company is now worth $41 BILLION, so they’re deciding to give back to their best drivers. $1,000 gift cards to their best drivers not only entices the drivers to be prompt and professional, but as the article states above, it let’s it’s customers know that they value their drivers as well. It goes without saying that the creators and executives for Uber are geniuses, but this move is hopefully going to keep them successful for years to come. Also, how great must it be to be an Uber driver? You’re getting paid to drive around in the comfort of your own car, and you get to meet all sorts of insane people. One of my Uber drivers told me a story about how one time he picked up a  bunch of girls from a bachelorette party and they were just out of control, flashing everyone and everything that came their way. Sign me up for that goodness.

– Ryan

Your Cell Phone 20 Years Ago



This is kind of insane when you think about it. In your pocket lies a machine that has the power to call people, take pictures, play music, multiply numbers, surf the web, pay for your groceries, and a whole bunch of other useful things. Tell that to someone your age 20 years ago and they might burn you at the stake for being a witch.


PS- Is it weird that I wish the cassette tape made a comeback? Vinyl’s did, why not the old plastic cassette? TELL ME! ………Sorry, that got out of hand.


The Offline Glass is Almost Perfect

Bravo! You’ve done it! You’ve solved what the elderly believes is the worst part of the new generation, ignoring the world around you while you lose yourself in a smart phone. Ingenious. In fact this has to be Apple that came up with this right? I can hear the conversation…

How do we sell more iPhones? We should make people break them more often, but with liquid so we don’t have to refund it under a warranty, but how…? Ah ha! Lets creates beer glasses that can’t stand on their own! Unless you place said glass on top of the phone! We’ll get a bunch of incoherent drunks spilling beer all over their phone coasters! *high fives all around*

Absolutely flawless plan,

except the human race is infamous for it’s ability to adapt; like this guy who has just realized he has two hands.imagesCAR4JMVH

Cursed bi-lateral, multifunctional, opposable thumbed beings.

-Sean Lite-

P.S. I can be just as bad as any of those people in the video. Ah well.

This Guy Is Pissed At You Because You Pronounce ‘GIF’ Wrong



Shame on you. You’ve officially pissed off Steve Wilhite, the inventor of ‘Gifs’ or ‘Jifs’ as he says it’s pronounced. Is it just me or does this guy looks like he literally has a stick up his ass at all times. This grumpy old man (classic movie) is even calling out the Oxford English Dictionary. And get this, he invented the GIF 26 years ago. I feel as though if people pronounce a word, or in this case an acronym, wrong for 26 years you’ve officially lost the battle Stevey.

You know for a second I was on this guy’s side. It’s his baby, his creation, and quite frankly I’m no stranger to mispronunciation. My name’s Sean, I’m 24, and to this day I’m told I spell my name wrong. And it doesn’t help to have a big time actor like Sean Bean around, because damn, is it ‘Shon Bon’ or ‘Seen Bean’? But after 24 years, what’s the point of fighting it. Get over it guy, you just accepted a webby for your creation. By the way shouldn’t there be like a statute of limitations on accepting awards for things? Imagine if Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd won an Oscar for trading places 26 years after it came out? (That’d be sweet) But I digress.

And here’s the kicker, he named it after one of the three staple foods for a computer programmer. Jiffy peanut butter. The other two being Pepsi and nacho cheese Doritos. (I really think he missed the boat not calling his creation ‘Doritos’.)

Anyways. Accept your webby and go peacefully into the night. No one cares, except me enough to write about it.

-Sean Lite-

P.s. Imagine if they were called Doritos? Huge mistake

Snapchat is slowly ruining my life

I want to like Snapchat. I really do. But I can’t. I don’t understand its purpose. Do we really need a fourth app to share pictures no one outside of your mother wants to see? Posting a picture of yourself drinking a coronarita on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram isn’t enough. Gotta Snapchat that shit. I’m assuming the conversation between the creators of Snapchat went something like this: Person A – “This generation is really socially awkward and only speak to each other through their phones, how can we turn them into complete robots?” Person B – “If only their was a FOURTH way for people to share pictures and completely ruin our sense of community!” Person A & B – “What about Snapchat!”. The conversation was probably nothing like that, but you get the point. The worst part about this satanic app is that the pictures erase after a few seconds. Why is that bad? When you have friends like mine, Snapchat becomes an endless cycle of people taking a shit and penis pics. ‘Merica.

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