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Cheap Plug Alert – Puro Sound Labs Free Headphone Giveway


The Average Nobodies wear many hats, and one of those hats is helping our friend’s headphones company out on social media. The company is called Puro Sound Labs, and they specialize in ‘Healthy Ears’ headphones and in-ear monitors. Simply put, they create headphones that limit the volume for you, so unlike most other headphones you use, they don’t damage your hearing. It’s a great company with a solid product, and they’re currently running a pretty spectacular Facebook sweepstakes.

It’s shockingly easy to enter, and honestly, who doesn’t enjoy winning free stuff while also doing minimal work? All you have to do is go to and check out the contest post on the top of the page. All the entry requirements and prizes are in the post. Unless you’re great great grandfather was killed by a gang of headphones, you’d be silly not to participate.


Adam Savage From MythBusters Is A Madman, And I Love It

Just in case you were looking for something to do in your spare time you could always recreate the maze from ‘The Shining’. Because that wouldn’t be incredibly hard to do or anything. My first reaction, this is fucking awesome. My second reaction, this is fucking AWESOME. It makes me angry how talented mr Adam Savage is not to mention what a fantastic shop he has. Hey Adam, got any internships available? Teach me!


Tech Wrap Up: Best April Fools Pranks


Here is the list of best tech pranks from Apirl fools 2014

Google Pokemon Master: Because someone at Google knows what my inner child actually wants.


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Jimmy Buffet Talks Drones, Android and More!

I never in a billion years thought I would see Jimmy Buffet on Techzilla! I love what he is doing with drones at his concerts. Very innovative.


Subscribe Friday – My Favorite YouTubers

Take a look and give these YouTubers a subscribe if you like their content. They are all worth a look if you like tech/gadget/unboxing/gaming videos.

Chris Pirillo

Marques Brownlee

Austin Evans

Unbox Therapy



How to Locate Your Lost Android Phone or Tablet (Video)

Ever misplace your Android device, or have it stolen? The above video will help you locate your Android phone or tablet! It’s very simple and only will take about 5 minutes.

(Time Tech Video)


The Moto X is Not Your Tech Geeks Phone


At first I could not understand the buzz surrounding the new Moto X phone by Motorola and Google (This being their first phone since Google bought Motorola).  With the screen size being only 4.7″ (same as my Nexus 4) embedded with a 720p display, the Moto X does not surprise with its display qualities.  Pair that along with mid-range internals and some snappy color options you are left with a phone that isn’t really the leader of any category.


After watching some review videos and studying their [Google’s] marketing plan I have figured out that this phone doesn’t appeal to me, or my other tech geek friends, simply because it isn’t made to appeal to us. This phone is meant to appeal to the masses, and in that respect I think Google and Motorola have hit the nail on the head.


PS- I have included some Moto X review videos that I have gotten a lot from. (One from MKBHD and the other from Chris Pirillo)

Android 4.3 – What Exactly Do You Get?

Android 4.3 was released last week and I finally got the update on my Nexus 7 and Nexus 4.  Now that I have the update I am wondering what exactly do I get with it? Luckily one of my favorite tech vloggers, MKBHD, has the answers I have been looking for!



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