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Conan O’Brien’s ‘Mad Max’ Entrance To His Show From San Diego Comic Con Was Glorious

Conan, Andy and the Basic Cable Band went on a little road trip to San Diego for the annual Comic Con, and they arrived in style. Mad Max style, to be more specific. I still haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve watched the trailers enough (approximately 1500 times) to know that this was pretty spot on. Conan playing the flaming guitar, Andy driving the hell on wheel mobile and the band playing the war drums were all awesome. I’ve never seen Conan live, but I have to believe he puts on a hell of a show, or else he wouldn’t be going on three decades as a host. He may not get all the fan fare of a Jimmy Fallon or soon to be Late Night host Stephen Colbert, but Conan is still delivering after all these years.

– Ryan

The Greatest NBA Player of All Time (Dirk Nowtizki) Made a Special Appearance on Conan Last Night

I think it’s safe to say Dirk is the most beloved German in the history of Texas, and god damnit he deserves it. But I’ll save my Dirk speech for this Friday night when I’m 10 beers deep. Conan is doing this week’s shows live from Dallas, Texas, so naturally Dallas’s big sports star administered the “official” Dallas Citizenship Test to Conan. I like how Dirk especially got a kick out of the Tony Romo answer. If Romo came on he’d get booed out of the building and fumble his cue cards and accidentally break his neck trying to pick them up. Not the Great Nowitzski. All time pro. And now we know Dirk is destined to be a famous TV star after his playing days are over. Poise and wit like you read about it.

– Ryan

The Workaholics Crew Were Predictably Awesome on Conan Last Night

I can’t wait to get weird tomorrow night during the season 4 premiere of Workaholics. Luckily for Workaholics fans everywhere, we got a nice little preview last night on Conan. Whether it’s their web series Crossbows and Mustaches or their hysterical Comedy Central show, Adam, Blake and Ders consistently knock it out of the comedic park. Let’s hope this season is of the tightest butthole.

– Ryan

Jonny Gomes & Shane Victorino Were Predictably Awesome on Conan

I can’t get enough of this team. Classy, funny, entertaining. Now they’re on the post world series media tour so we should get some quality sound bites. I also need a pair of those boots Gomes wears more than I need air to breathe.

– Ryan

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