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SNL Has It’s Hosts Lined Up For November & They’re Predictably Wonderful

SNL’s Line Up For November

SNL on Twitter.

We already knew Larry David & Miley Cyrus would be the host/musical guest for this Saturday’s show, but now Saturday Night Live has announced the hosts and musical guests for the next two shows as well. Tiffany Haddish (The Carmichael Show, Girls Trip) & Chance The Rapper will be making their hosting debuts, and they’re accompanied by some power house musical guests. Taylor Swift & Eminem are as big time as it gets for musical guests, and might even appear in a sketch or two. With Haddish and Chance The Rapper making their hosting debuts, 4 out of the first 6 hosts for season 43 will have been first timers.


Lisa Kudrow Joined Taylor Swift For A Live Cover Version Of ‘Smelly Cat’ & It Was Glorious

Taylor Swift is basically taking up residency at the Staples Center this summer, and for each show she brings out a popular musical act and sings one of their songs with them, or she jams out with Julia Roberts, all while being as delightful as ever. Well her surprise attacks went to a whole other level last night, as she brought out Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends for the lay person) and sang a cover version of ‘Smelly Cat’. The percentage of fans that like Taylor Swift and Friends is probably somewhere in the 1000’s, so this is a perfect combo of a smart and power move. All hail Queen Tay Tay.


Taylor Swift Gathered All The Female Ass Kickers She Could Find For Her ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video

Taylor Swift debuted the music video for her song ‘Bad Blood’ last night at the Billboard Music Awards, and it’s pretty much the hottest and coolest group of ass kickers you’ll ever see. Selena Gomez, Lena Dunham, Ellen Pompeo, Mariska Hargitay, Cindy Crawford; if you were a model or a cool woman at some point in your life, you were in Taylor Swift’s video last night. It was already a given that T-Swift was taking over the world, but if anyone else needed reassurance, look no further than last night. Not only did every advertisement for the Billboard Music Awards feature the Taylor Swift music video announcement, but she won 8 awards last night, including Artist of the Year. Oh, and she’s 25. I’m a big fan of Taylor and the way she carries herself, which I can’t imagine is easy when you’re 25 and one of the most recognizable people on the planet. If T-Swift wants to keep taking over the world, I say let her do her thing.

– Ryan

The Victoria’s Secret Model Lip Dub “Shake It Off”…..annnddd You’re Welcome

Taylor Swift meets the Angels…you’re welcome. Look for the yearly fashion show TONIGHT!


Here’s Billy Eisner’s Tribute To Taylor Swift: ‘Glitter & Ribs’

Heart like a horse heart like a horse. If you don’t know who Billy Eisner is, let me help you out. He’s the host of the hysterical web series Billy on the Street that airs on Funny or Die, he’s a recurring character on Parks and Recreation and he’s a classically trained chemist.  Two of those things are true. Billy was a guest on Conan last night, and he debuted his Taylor Swift tribute song, Glitter & Ribs, which he sang from the point of view of Swift, talking about a lost shot at love with a 49 year old man. I won’t spoil the rest, but if you have ‘heart like a horse’ stuck in your head for the rest of the day, you’re welcome.

– Ryan

Ariana Grande Got The Shit Scared Out Of Her By A Blonde Haired Angel At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


I thought this was fake at first but now I’m starting to think it really happened. In all honestly what was Ariana Grande expecting to happen here? I can understand if a man with a knife snuck up behind her or a bird flew into her. Then she probably has the right to make that face. But she was at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Did she not expect the models to be walking by her? She’s on the runway, the runway models use to walk up and down and strut their stuff. She looks legitimately terrified to see another human being standing next to her. Maybe she’s afraid of winged humans? Or people that are taller than her? If the latter is true, she should probably never go out in public again, because 95% of people are taller than Ariana Grande.

On a side note:


So hot. Want to touch the hiney.

– Ryan

This RI Farmer is Embarrassing the Shit Out of Me in Front of Taylor Swift

corn maze

So apparently some farmer from this great state of ours (RI) created a “Welcome Taylor” message in his corn field.


Dude, you’re embarrassing me in front of T Swift! Act like you’ve been there before man. This is why Rhode Island can’t have nice things. Creeps, like the guy who swam to her house and this guy who wants to lock her up in his barn, live here. I’m calling it now, Taylor is out by christmas. She will be gone without ever having meet her one true blogger love: me. It’s a damn shame, but thats how the corn stalk falls I guess.

For now, i’m going to put on a disguse and pretend I don’t live here, and no one can stop me!!!!



PS- You’re a tad late on the welcome message. She moved here like 8 months ago.


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Tech Tuesday – Google Glass as a Tour Guide

Untitled copy 2

The real potential of Google Glass involves making it possible to receive contextually relevant information on the go, without having to pull a phone out of a pocket or do much else to gather it. A new Kickstarter project from South African tourism software startup Tourism Radio makes perfect sense in that context, as it aims to liberate pocket guides from the pocket entirely with the help of Glass. -TechCrunch

Tourism Radio, a startup from South Africa, is already making splashes in Google Glass applications before Glass is even available worldwide.  Their plan is to make Google Glass a virtual tour guide.  The idea is for Glass to pull up relevant information as you travel through, in this case, Cape Town, South Africa. This idea brings exploring the world to a whole new level.  Gone are the days of pocket maps and hard to understand tour guides.  You want to get somewhere? Tell Glass. What building is that in front of you? Ask Glass. Hungry? Eat Glass…no, don’t eat Glass, please. Anyway, you get my point, no need for anything to get in the way of you and your experience of a new place. Not to mention Glass is now your camera to take stills as well as videos (with geo tagging), that way when you get home you can show family and friends what you did and where you did it.

I have been reading a lot about Google Glass over the past year and I have recently come to one conclusion.  Google, you need to make an action version of Glass.  I’m talking waterproof, shockproof, the whole shebang . That would be awesome.

If you would like to help this Kickstarter Project click here. 


PS- Tourism Radio, If you need help programming the “Tour of North Providence” Google Glass app I can lend a hand. I figure once your done with the Cape Town app you would be working on the Rhode Island one next, right? I mean why not. Remember, we have T Swift now!

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