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Benji Madden Got Cameron Diaz’s Name Tattooed On His Collarbone In A Move I’m Sure He Won’t Regret

I never understood the need to get your significant other’s name tattooed on your body. Human beings in general are very stupid creatures, but the fact that people know that this is a terrible idea yet continue to do it proves that we’ll never learn from anything. If you want to know why we never learn from our mistakes, all you need to do is look at the art of tattooing another person’s name on your body. That’s the essence of stupidity. I think it’s especially dumb for celebrities. If you’re a normal person in a relationship, maybe you don’t have a lot of money or resources to get some extravagant gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, so you choose body art to show them how much you love them. Still a dumb idea, but I get it. In all honesty, I bet there’s a portion of younger girls that eat that shit up too. But for a celebrity to do it? That doesn’t make sense to me. Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz are both millionaires. Show you care in a different way. Buy her a house, or a car, or a helicopter. This gesture kind of comes off as sloppy, especially considering his entire body is covered in tattoos. It’s like ‘congrats Cameron, your name is the 400th thing I’ve decided should be tattooed on my body’. Also, there’s no better way to get the public to turn on your relationship than getting the other person’s name tattooed on you. Before I saw this tattoo, I could care less about Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden’s relationship, but now I want it to end in a fiery inferno, and I’m going to watch the YouTube video of him getting the tattoo removed with a giant tub of popcorn.

– Ryan

For Some Reason a Boston Bruins Fan Got a Tattoo of the PK Subban/Shawn Thornton Water Bottle Incident


(Yahoo Sports)

Not sure what the point of this is. Didn’t the Bruins lose that series? And didn’t they lose it to the Canadiens, their hated rivals? Why would you want to commemorate that series? Yeah the water bottle incident was funny but it died out after about 40 minutes, and then your team lost the series and went fishing. Maybe next time get a tattoo of a happy Boston Bruins memory. That way you won’t start sobbing every time you have to explain the tattoo.

– Ryan

Jeffrey Chapman Can Either See the Future or He’s An Idiot

SourceA suspect wants prison bosses to let him have his ‘murder’ tattoo removed – ahead of his trial for killing another man.

Jeffrey Chapman has the word spelled backwards tattooed across his neck.

He believes it might prejudice a jury ahead of his trial for the killing of Damon Galliart whose body was found by hunters near Great Bend, Kansas, in 2011.

His lawyer has requested that either Chapman be taken to a tattoo parlour to have it removed, or for a tattoo artist to be brought to his cell.

The motion suggested that the tattoo was too large to be covered by clothing.

The Great Bend Tribune reports that although prosecutors are not against the request, state law prohibits tattoo artist from carrying out work anywhere other than at a licensed premises.

And the Barton County Sheriff has said Chapman cannot be transported from his cell.


Well Jeffrey Chapman finds himself in quite the pickle. Although I could’ve told him that getting the word “murder” tattooed in huge letters across his neck was going to come back to haunt him. I’m 100% on board with neck tattooes. I love them. But my version of a neck tattoo is a small symbol or a cursive word near the collarbone. Not the word “murder” in unbelievably huge letter spanning the entire front part of my neck. Part of me feels that he always knew he was going to murder someone. But a much larger part of me wants to think that someone that stupid can’t exist in this world. If he got this tattoo before he killed Damon Galliart then he’s really dumb. If I’m a murderer, the last word I want to get tattooed on my body is murder. Just doesn’t make sense. If you get caught, which you probably will if you have that tattoo, then you’re basically giving yourself zero chance with the jury. If I was on the jury for this trial I’d bring my phone with a killer playlist and my new headphones and just vote guilty at the end. And if anyone questioned me I’d point out that the defendant has the word murder tattooed on his neck.

– Ryan

P.S. The most shocking part of this story? He’s not from Florida.

Jonny Gomes Reminding Us Why We Love The Boston Red Sox



Best tattoo I have ever seen.


Face Tattoo’s and Crazy Names are In

FacedThe most tattooed man in Great Britain, formerly known as Matthew Whelan, has spent over $40,000 covering 90 percent of his body in tattoos. In 2009, Matthew changed his name to King Of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite. Yes, that’s now his full name. King Of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite was recently offered work overseas doing body modification so he applied for a passport, but was denied because of his unconventional name, even though it already appears on his driver’s license


I’m on the side of King here (names too long to spell it out every time). If he were to walk up to me and introduce himself as ‘Matt’ Id laugh in his face and punch him in the stomach. You can’t spend $40,000 and go through all the pain and suffering of tattooing 90% of your body and then keep your given, boring name. Would I have gone with such a long and repetitive name? Probably not. I mean we get it, you’re the King. But I also have one tattoo that cost me $60. I have to imagine the face tattoo community has seen a lot of shit, so it’s either go big or go home when it comes to the name change. Long live King of Ink Land King Body Art the Extreme Ink-ite.

– Ryan

How About The Grapes on this Seahawks Fan

1511200_681717198541706_1064072218_nI mean, i’m not one to talk about tattoos (I have a rocket ship tattooed to my arm) but this one is a ballsy as you can get. Either this guy ate paint chips as a kid or he traveled to the future and saw the this year’s Superbowl happen. Those are the only two causes of this particular piece of body art. Well, good luck to you sir. I will be rooting for the 9ers so you look like an idiot.

(Picture courtesy of ESPN)



Meet Larry Da Leopard


I was flipping through the channels late last night and happened to land on a new episode of Taboo on the National Geographic Channel. Imagine my surprise when Larry Da Leopard popped on my screen. I’m on record for being all aboard the neck tattoo train, but face tattoo’s are an entirely different story. In my opinion, getting a face tattoo is the last step before a complete mental breakdown. I’d be shocked if Mr. Leopard didn’t start eating shoes for breakfast. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I hope Larry disappears into the wildneress and joins his leopard brothers and sisters. It’s only a matter of time before he starts marking the doors of homes with newborn babies with white chalk. The most disturbing part of this story? People actually go to Larry Da Leopard for tattoo’s. Nice, wholesome guy. With leopard spots tattooed on his face.

– Ryan

P.S. IF I ever get an animal face tattoo, it would be jaguar spots. Then we’ll see who the real psychopath is.

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