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028 Hard Knocks, Nintendo Blew It and Ryan Got Engaged!

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were selected for HBO’s Hard Knocks, The 49ers at the second pick in the NFL draft, Nintendo broke our hearts, Matt has a serious gripe with Kickstarter and Ryan got engaged! Leave a voicemail at 401-285-8120 | Twitter – | Instagram – | Facebook – | Website – http://www.averagenobodies.comMerch –


Dirk Koetter Gets A Promotion – I’m Indifferent


I honestly wake up every morning forgetting that Lovie Smith isn’t the coach anymore. I didn’t even like him that much, i’m just super forgetful. I guess if we were going to have to pick a new coach…I would have gone with Josh McDaniels, but Koetter is a close second. He seems like him and Winston get a along pretty well, so that’s a good sign. He helped turned the team around from a 29th ranked offense to a 5th ranked offense. He has blonde hair…I don’t know, I don’t have much to say about him. We will have to wait for the season to see how I really feel about him. If he can keep the momentum that Winston built up all year then I think this team will continue to grow.

I can say this, it’s good to have a guy who enjoys visors back in pewter and red.


Glennon Gets No Lovie


Before I begin I would like to assure the New England Average Nobodies that we have channels in place so that we can get more local sports coverage besides the Sox. I promise. Having said that, back to Tampa.

Once again Mike Glennon gets no love from the Bucs coaching staff. Lovie Smith announced this week that he would not name the 2nd year QB their week 5 starter…yet. With Josh McClown….i’m sorry, McCown*, still nursing a hand injury it will have to be later in the week before Lovie makes his choice. Because you know, beating the Steelers and getting the first tally in the win column isn’t enough to beat out a veteran guy that looks like he hasn’t played football before…oh and has a sprained throwing hand. I get it, Lovie doesn’t want to look like the idiot that went out and paid for McCown when you had your starter in pewter and red all along. Makes sense, but come on man! Our season depends on it. McCown is not the future so lets see what this Nebraska boys got!



Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Pittsburgh Steelers

Not Only Are The Bucs Adding Derrick Brooks to Their Ring of Honor, But They Are Renovating Their Concession Stands



“If going into the Hall of Fame is going to be  Derrick Brooks crowning achievement, well this will be the icing on the cake! Because everyone’s favorite player will be going into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ring of honor Sept. 14th when the Bucs host the St. Louis Rams.
Brooks will become the 3rd ever Buccaneer in the Hall of Fame following Warren Sapp and  Lee Roy Selmon. Brooks, Like Sapp, is also first round ballot election. A player owner or coach must wait 5 years from retirement to be considered.
Also, the Bucs have updated their mobil app, and are spending close to 7 million dollars renovating concession stands. Four new Beverage stands will be created called Swashbucker Bar, and will have the staples plus Craft Beers, Wine and frozen drinks as well. Tampa/Bucs themed restaurants will include Red Sail (Hot n Spicy), Pizza Plank, Taste of Tampa, The Galley, DeSoto Deli, Bay Burger and the Chicken Coup. –”

Screen-Shot-2014-05-06-at-2.09.39-PM-300x136 Screen-Shot-2014-05-06-at-2.09.27-PM-300x143 Screen-Shot-2014-05-06-at-2.09.07-PM-300x180 Screen-Shot-2014-05-06-at-2.09.50-PM

“will have the staples plus Craft Beers, Wine and frozen drinks as well” Welp looks like my annual trip to Tampa is going to have a lot more frozen drinks in it than usual. With this already being an awesome stadium the cleaning up and updating of Buccaneer Cove (Where the food and pirate ship are) will make it that much more magical. Johnny Football will be pleased with his stadium (when we draft him tomorrow).


MIke Williams is a Bad Man, Very Bad Man



In case you haven’t seen it, the Buccaneers star wide-out, Mike Williams, was stabbed in the leg…BY HIS BROTHER.




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Josh McCown, Welcome to the BAY!


Ok, so he’s no Blaine Gabbert, but I think the Bucs got the second best free agent QB out there. Pair this hot handed QB with an underrated OT (Collins), a young talented corner (Verner), and 2 beasts on the d-line (McDonald and Johnson) you’ve got a recipe for success. Lovie Smith and Jason Licht are raping, plundering, and pillaging like pirates tend to do. They are taking no prisoners and spending that sweet cap space faster than you can say “fuck Greg Schiano”. Nobody is safe from these two. Not nobody. Not nohow. 31 teams in the NFL think they have a shot at free agency when reality is everyone wants a spot on the hottest team since my 2013 mens league softball team. Keep a lookout in your rearview mirror. Lovie is coming to town, and he’s out for blood.


PS- Revis, Joseph, Penn: Thank you for your time (short and long) in Tampa. Too bad you had to get released the year before we win the Superbowl.

The Buccaneers Have New Jerseys To Match Their New Helmets







That is a drastic change! A lot of NFL teams “spruce up” their uniforms with slightly different colors, maybe a logo change, but the Buccaneers went full on reboot with their new helmets and unis. I love every thread of this design. Definitely getting a Glennon jersey. GLENNON, NEEEEDDDD YAAAA KIDDD

Watch Out! The Buccaneers Just Won Their 3rd Straight!

While this season might be done after starting 0-8, not all is lost!  Keep playing hard! Next up, the red-hot Panthers! Lets skin these cats!


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