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Miss the Game Last Night? This Picture Pretty Much Sums It Up


Not Tampa Bay’ finest moment. They got trounced by their division rival and lost their starting quarterback, although the latter might not be such a bad thing.   I can’t imagine a worse feeling than proudly wearing your teams colors in enemy territory only to have all your hopes and dreams shit on after the first quarter. “Its a Bucs Life” might now be the most depressing slogan of all time. If you’re looking for Matt, he’s skipping rocks at the nearest quarry.

– Ryan

My Favorite GIF From Week 1 Of the NFL Season – The Josh McCown Fumble-Pick


Poor Tampa Bay. Week 1 home game against the Panthers without Cam Newton, and they still can’t get it done. Josh McCown may not be long for this world in Tampa Bay. Also, how mesmerizing in this GIF? I can’t stop watching it.



H/T Grantland


Mike Glennon Just Jumped 1,000 Spots in My Human Power Rankings


Hey Mikey, who’s your friend? Introduce me? …..oh she’s your GIRLFRIEND….

Mike Glennon is CLEANING UP in Tampa these days. Starting quarterback on the best team in the NFL, blazing hot lady friend, and I bet he even owns an exotic animal, or two! Mike Glennon I really hope I see you in the drivers seat next season! I want to see what you got with a full offseason under your belt!


PS- She does have an Instagram account, but it is private. Damn shame.

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