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Online Quizes are Getting Out of Hand: My Picks for Future Quiz Titles


I won’t front (how gangster am I?), I take those online quizzes that have rapidly taken over the internet. Ryan and I even have an email thread with some friends in New York (S/O Jess and Justine) where all we do is take quizzes and share the results (and occasionally create celebrity death pools). As fun as these quizzes are I think some are getting less and less meaningful and more and more [weirdly] specific. Without further adieu, here are my top 10 quiz titles you should see popping up on the inter webs in the next few months.

1.) Which “Wickerman” Character are you?

2.) What Food Network star would be your Best Man/Brides Maid?

3.) Which 19th century decade do you belong in?

4.) What home improvement store are you?

5.) How loud can you scream on a crowded subway?

6.) What type of pulled muscle are you?

7.) How good are you at coloring?

8.) What would be your atomic number on the periodic table of elements?

9.) How many toes do you have?

10.) Which online quiz should you take next?



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