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Who wants some free gear?!


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-The Average Nobodies



I’m Tony Gonzalez?


Ok, who put the question mark on the teleprompter?!


Sumo Match Has Fat Guy Swag Turned Up To 1,000

A vicious body slam by the big man! Before I even hit play on this video I knew the outcome. One guy clearly has sumo in his blood and the other, well the other is just some fat white guy. There is a HUGE difference between sumo wrestlers and fat guys. Sumo wrestlers are trained killing machines, while fat people are trained to kill vending machines. Big difference. Nothing against this dudes fat guy swag though. Maybe sumo just isn’t your thing.


PS- I need this video with the JR voice over. “MAHHHHH GODDDD ALLLMMIIIGGHHHTTYYYY”

So Grosse Point Woods-Shores Is Going To Win The Little League World Series


Might as well just hand Michigan the title now, because apparently Andre The Giant has risen from the grave and now plays little league baseball. 6’2, 200 pounds at 12 years old seems unfathomable. A little league mound is 45 feet away, which means his hand could basically tickle your chin after he releases the ball. In his first qualifying game, Lorkowski struck out 10 batters and hit two home runs. Ya don’t say? That’s what happens when you let a monster play with children. The monster wins.

– Ryan

P.S. I’ll give credit where credit is due. Swag Daddy is a cool ass nickname.

Why You Gotta Rear-End Fat Jesus and Disrupt His Swag?

If that isn’t the best mixture of “come at me bro” and “the fuck?” I don’t know what is.

-Sean Lite-

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