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Chase Utley Responding to Mac from “Always Sunny” Is Kind Of The Coolest Thing Ever

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia kicks off season 9 tonight, and whether this has anything to do with it isn’t clear, but what is clear is that it’s awesome. I guess Chase Utley was impressed by Mac’s speed after all. Oh what a glorious game of catch it will be.

– Ryan

Throwback Thursday – Drinking With Class

The guys you now know as expert bloggers used to do a little something different here on the interwebs.  Drinking With Class is a web series dedicated to teaching people the art of handling their social life, or lack thereof, with class.  Without further adieu, here is the first post in a long line of throwback posts featuring Drinking With Class.

Classy Summer Party


Seems Like a Good Time to Re Post This – What I Learned This Weekend: I Hate Yard Sales



I came to a startling realization this weekend: I despise yard sales. Everywhere I drove on Saturday and Sunday, I saw tables set up on front lawns filled with lamps and toasters and a bunch of other useless crap. All I could think about while driving by these yard sales is how crazy the people doing this are. When I was younger, my parent’s would have yard sales, but I was a kid and I was forced against my will to be apart of it. Now that I’m a fully functional adult, I can’t think of something worse than spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon sitting on my front lawn waiting for strangers to come onto my property and buy shit I don’t want anymore. How has eBay and Craigslist not destroyed the yard sale game? What kind of a person actually wants to interact with strangers who haggle you down from $3 to $2.25 for an old watch that can’t even tell time? Psychopaths. Only psychopath’s would want to do that. Next time someone brings up the idea of a yard sale, tell them to put their shit on eBay, grab a case of beer and enjoy your summer Saturdays like a real American.

– Ryan

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